The FF Hoosier 6.0 is here!!

  • Here is what some people are saying...

    The new Hoosier 6 treaded from the team at FlightFins is a game changer! This tire rips. Coming from around 13k miles I feel like a kid at Christmas. Thank you guys for putting the time and effort in! The new Hoosier 6 treaded from Michael Woolson and his team at FlightFins, game changer. Coming from around 13k miles I feel like a kid at Christmas!
    Just have to say “Wahoooooooooooooooo!” -Seth

    I can really only compare this Tire to the stock Vega but so far it's a total game-changer and I love it! It feels a lot more Nimble but still very stable. I barely noticed any loss of stability at stops. Pretty much stuck to my normal route which includes Golf Course style grass parks, sand, dirt, gravel trails with big rocks and pavement. this thing handled everything with no problem and felt so locked in on pavement and hard-packed dirt. The combination of the tread and the softness of the rubber just made it feel like it was sticking to every surface! and looking forward to breaking it in even more taking it on some Trails soon. -John

    Just took this tire out for a beer run ride on concrete. I fell in love with my Onewheel all over again. It has a predictable, proportional response as you turn or carve. Surprisingly nimble, yet totally stable with no wobble. If you want the ultimate tire you won’t regret buying FF Hoosier six! -Robert

    The Hoosier 6.0 treaded gave the best OneWheel ride I’ve had in 4 years. More stable than a 5.5, more responsive than a Vega, great on grass, dirt and tarmac. I fell for this tire! –Cauri

    I've really struggled with finding a "treaded" alternative to the stock Vega wheel that Future Motion ships with the OW. The available models I've tested have been "too round" which is great for maneuverability but made street riding at high speeds a bit too much work. The FF 6.0 Hoosier addresses the stability issues while achieving amazing traction and maneuverability. 'Highly recommended! – Brent

    What an improvement! The stock Vega is great for beginners and advanced users alike, but the new FF 6.0 Hoosier treaded tire will take your ride to the next level. It’s absolutely stable at a higher speed and the carving is simply much easier- The treads allow you to take the OW completely off road, and handles slick wet dewey grass with ease and loose sand with no trouble. It opens up an entire new realm of possibility that the Vega simply can’t cut through. Highly recommended! – Matt

    New tire is amazing! Feels so good and carvey! Highly recommended for anyone who likes to float -Jamie

    It was wonderfully round. Didn’t have those sharp corners that the Vega does. Really carvy, but not squirrelly. It’ll take a couple miles to get used to. And let’s be honest the knobby tire with the Hoosier logo looks bad ass! Count me in –Joshua

    Just got my FF Hoosier 6 yesterday and LOVE it. Most fun I’ve had riding yet. Did a mix of paved and dirt. The dirt was insane. I was ripping up a mountain so fast. Perfect deep carving too. Love the Hoosier 6.0!!


  • @MichaelW
    great, thanks for the review !
    does it still fit at high pressure ?

  • @arnlej

    Yes, it's the same diameter as the stock Vega.

  • This is exactly what I've been waiting for . . . missed out on the first ordering opportunity. If you're interested, it does say limited run, so get your order in!

  • @arnlej The only thing that rubs at 30 psi is the tire hairs. Pretty amazing...

  • How does this perform on non-flat wet grass? In my area there is a lot of great-looking grassy terrain, but it's always at least slightly wet from irrigation and the slick Vega spins out and dumps me almost too suddenly to run or roll out of, depending on speed.

  • @Takeshi Youre gonna do way better on wet grass with the treaded Hoosier!

  • I love this tire! So grippy it's like riding on velcro. My confidence doubled in about 2 minutes. I'm taking lines that I would have passed up on the vega, and fully leaning into it on any surface with impunity. Even if you dont ride offroad or grass, it carves the street like a ginsu knife and handles bumps, potholes, and other iregularities without getting sketchy squirrley.
    I am having a very different experience with tire pressure and rubbing than the previous authors however. My tire rubs the battery compartment hard at 23 psi without a rider. It wont even turn at 30 psi because it is pinned between both pads.......this is very different from @arnlej " only rubs the tire hairs at 30 psi". Im confused.... there shouldn't be that much variation in the same tire model.
    Both of my pressure guages read within 1 psi of one another, I guess they both could be bad.

    If you are riding this tire, chime in with your rub situation, PSI preference, and your weight please.

  • @hilby thanks for the quick review. I have mine in hand, but am out of town for a couple of weeks, so will try (doing it myself) changing over when I get back and NOW I can't wait! Thanks again!

  • I am dying to try a Hoosier. My OW XR is only 2 months old. Will changing the tire void my warranty? I believe Hoosier makes a 6.5 as well (isn't that the size of the Vega?). Are most doing their own tire change? I put new tires on my dirt bike last year (a bitch to do!) so have tire irons.

  • Really think I need one in my life. I am riding everything from decomposed granite to grass, and feel like I'm on a park board when I should be on an burton custom.

  • Sounds awesome for certain situations but how many degrees will it take away from flatland spins? 360s are hard enough as it is. Anyone out there getting over 270 degrees in motion with a hoosier?

  • @Dr-9Lives I don’t believe it voids the warranty. Just be careful. There’s tons of YouTube vids on changing the tire. One guy oopsed and dropped and dinged his rim which also holds the motor so just be careful.

  • @Dr-9Lives @tomfoolery the onewheel wiki said in their Tire change Tutorial that changing the tire IS voiding the warranty. So i wait with the change Till the Vega is Worn out Or the warranty has ended