Motor not Disengaging

  • So I received my XR yesterday which is my first Onewheel. Overall an awesome experience so far!

    I have a stand-up desk at work and have been standing on the Onewheel at my desk while it's powered on. At first I was doing it do get comfortable on it and to practice dismounts. Now it's just fun to do. The only thing is there have been five or six instances when the motor didn't disengage or turn off when I lifted my heal.The first time I had to jump off. Since then, I have either waited after doing several heel lifts until it finally worked or I angled my toe off the front of the board. I just changes shoes to a pair of Vans with a flatter sole to see if that makes a difference.

    Has anyone else run into this and/or should I be concerned?


  • In the App you can see the footpad sensor. It shows each side of the sensor and whether or not heel, toe or both are engaged. Check it out while your on the board. Either you are contacting the heel side of the sensor with your toe side of the foot or you have a sticky sensor.

  • Good suggestion. I just tried it and the app didn't show me lifting my heal. So I dropped my heal down with more force to bump the sensor then it worked. So looks like a sticky sensor. I hate to send it back after just receiving it...

  • @jp1131 They should be able to just send a new front footpad and not make you send in your whole board. At least that’s what they did for Casey Neistat.

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