Dive Safe front wheels.

  • @Glyph it’s almost like mad max status right there. 👍🏻

  • @tomfoolery Heh. I think so too.


  • You can wear well designed motorcycle jackets in hot weather, I’ve used mine up to 90F, it has vents front and back that provide excellent cooling, just have to keep moving to stay cool.

    Don’t stop at shoulder protection- elbows tend to hit really super hard if you fall onto your back (speaking from very recent experience).

    I may disagree a lot here but really appreciate that this thread is about riding safe and injury free.

  • @readysetawesome After I jacked my shoulder, I went and checked out motorcycle jackets - even the lightest "summer" models with the mesh venting are just too heavy for where I live (at least, any of the jackets in my price range; it's possible something high-end would have been better). They might be OK while moving, but the minute you stopped at a light you'd want to die. That's going to push you to take risks so you can keep moving and never stop; run stop signs or stoplights without checking to REALLY make sure the coast is clear.

    And if you don't want to wear your safety gear, you either won't wear it and then get hurt, or you just won't ride.

    So what I made for myself feels like a reasonable compromise - light enough that I don't look at it and go "oh jeez I'm gonna sweat to death", easy to put on, and cheap. I pop it on with the rest of my kit and go.

    Yeah, I already had elbow pads, knee pads, wristguards, and even padded snowboarding shorts that I wear under my shorts, to protect the tailbone (and of course a helmet). The shoulder is the one thing that doesn't seem to have readily-available lightweight protection options.

    If I lived somewhere cooler, I'd def. go with a moto jacket because that's a nice quick one-step thing, but there's just no way here. I'd get heatstroke, or I wouldn't wear it, or I wouldn't ride, or I'd ride and take risks to never ever stop for anything.

  • I don't pearl very often . Seems like that happens to me riding offroad which I don't do much of anyway because I have a concrete wonderland of curvy tree covered trails all around me. Plus I'm not a young chicken any more so I ride fairly conservative. However several times I tried to get going again after carrying my board across a busy street just to find that it was a little too steep or something to get me moving and I pearled the board. Luckily each time was probably a bad starting choice. I also had large audiences each time as well (embarrassing}. I keep learning and making good use of my helmet and wrist guards. I was wondering if a high density rubber roller (no bearing) on front and maybe back could help stop the sudden stops and hold up better than a piece of plastic. Kinda like the rollers on on my boat trailer.
    No matter what , ya'll please understand that I really love this toy as it is and I'm just daydreaming.
    Btw if anyone is looking for a great led light kit, I use the one from BUDDY RC. It'S easy to install and what I use on Night flying quads and RC planes. I put a switch on my fender. Your sideways visibility at night will be blinding . Multicolor led color controller is awesome .

  • @Enterusername do you have any pics of the light kit or a link to the site?

  • Buddy RC has a really great video of their led kit. Took some pics of my son riding it last night. He loved it. So bright it saturates my camera. I bought 2 kits for the board so I may add the 2 nd one today. I will post some pics asap. Have too sort through the pics first to find something decent. It was cold and wet and I was chasing him barefooted .

  • Here's a pic with the leds in blue/strobe. About 30 different choices on controller.

    0_1539796578583_IMG_3086.JPG link url))

  • @Enterusername looks bright as hell. Is it battery operated or do you have it tied into the board? How big is the battery pack and how long does it last?

  • Using a lipo 2c pack velcroed in the handle hole. lots of room for 700mah pack that I used on Quadcopter. Wiring harness contoller board inside cover under board controller side where cables are also tons of room . adding another 4 strips and another controller now tied into voltage regulator / and battery. not sure yet how long one set will run on this pack. Probably enough for 4-5 rides or more . have to run some tests using a battery low level warning alarm onboard. everything is separate and isolated from board electronics.

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