Day 1 With Onewheel + XR: Exceeding my Anticipation

  • I'm impressed. After dabbling in scooters for a little bit and finding them inadequate as a platform as well as poorly executed in terms of quality control, I did some research and decided to order the XR, which arrived yesterday.

    The first attempt at riding ended in mere seconds with me on my butt. I was able to repeat this effect almost immediately.

    But by the time the day ended, I had 10 miles on the XR and my new top speed was 15. I visited a friend's house and went to the post office. I did not fall, but I did have to jump off a few times when attempting a normal dismount.

    So... looks like it's gonna work out for me. I'll save the (two) electric scooters I still have for grocery runs where I want to haul bags on the handlebars or deal with rush hour in Philly without concern that dismount will go awry. Onewheel + XR gets the nod for just about everything else and I'm sure as my skill increases, the scooters will eventually be so I can loan 'em to friends on a sunny say so we can ride together (since I have exactly zero friends who own Onewheels).

    Anyhow, the overall experience does not just exceed my expectations, it handily surpassed what I had anticipated it could be. The most impressive aspect was how on day one, on my final rides, it really felt like I was just "thinking" where I wanted to go and it would happen. That's extraordinarily cool, walking is that way but not a lot of motor vehicles give you the sense of true intuitive control.

    Update - Day 2

    I felt much more comfortable today. I took the XR down to the Delaware riverfront and rode the trail down there. Have not broken 15 mph but got to 14.9 - and I added a bit of switch-riding to the mix.

    Looking forward to building up some stamina, then I should be ready to explore Fairmount Park, which is the largest urban park and just begging for Onewheel adventures.

    Oh, I saw two other Onewheel riders today. Yay!

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