Best pads on the planet!

  • For those of us that wear pads to help mitigate injury in the inevitable event of a crash, do your self a favor take a look at ProDesign Inc. website. I always wear a helmet, knee / elbow pads and Triple 8 hired hand wrist guards. A couple weeks ago I was cruising around 17-19 mph lovin life and then nose dived (still not sure what exactly happened other than velocity + gravity + 200 lbs. = a F'n biotch of road rash on my leg!) My wrist guards ripped some in the palm of the glove (did their job though) but my Protec knee pads failed. The outer seem of the pad on my left leg split except for about an inch from the top of the pad leaving my knee and lower leg exposed to be chewed up by the concrete sidewalk. The pads were pretty much new and Protec did send me another set of knee pads under warranty (kudos to Protec for standing behind their product!) But now I know that for my size and weight I'm pushing the protective capability of those pads past their limitations, I bought some ProDesigned Inc. pads and they are built like a tank, they're expensive, but their worth it! Even though they are expensive their way way cheaper than a single trip to your local ER! So for what it's worth if you want the best pads on the planet contact Wild Bill (owner) by phone or email and let him know you read good things about his products on the OneWheel form! May the float be with you! D out (Mic drop)

  • @Devon you got pics or a link for the new pads?

  • I got the mini ramp knee pads, elbow pads and wrist guards all in camo. Love'em!!!!!

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