Glider v2.0 Wheel and Handle Accessory

  • Hey fellow Onewheel enthusiasts! We’re excited to introduce the Glider v2.0! The Glider is a bumper accessory that replaces the Onewheel’s stock bumpers with a handle bumper on one side and a wheeled bumper on the other, providing you with easy carrying and nosedive protection, as well as the ability to temporarily stand your Onewheel in an upright vertical position.

    We have a full bumper package available with both the handle and wheeled sides, as well as a single bumper package with just the wheeled side. Choose from black, blue, and red color options for Onewheel, Onewheel+, or Onewheel+XR.

    You can check out the promo video at or our FAQs at for more details, and can place your order at . Like us on social media too to stay up to date on the latest info! FB: @SynergyWizInc, IG: @synergywiz, Twitter: @SynergyWiz