Shaping and Push Back questions

  • New rider, 170 miles in 7 wks. Riding pavement, some trails, grass, gravel, hills. I can ride switch and do 180's on pavement, drop curbs. I switched from Mission to Delirium and honestly don't feel a difference in responsiveness. I do get tons more push back in Delirium at low speed on level pavement. Full battery and I weigh 170. At around 160 miles I had my first nose dive. I started up a short climb, less than 8% grade, and within 10 feet I went flying forward. No perceived push back. I had a minor hip injury but at 60 y/o and the slower healing that comes with age I don't want to hit pavement unless it is my error. Future Motion finally started to give more timely feedback after I complained about their customer service. (they usually take a week to respond to emails with a lame reply and then if I didn't reply within 48 hrs their system closes the "ticket"!.
    They ran a diagnostic test and all was fine.
    They suggested I use Elevated for climbs. It was a 20 second climb so a pain to change shaping.
    Why am I getting so much push back in Delirium? The other night I did a short ride and within 2 blocks of carving at about 12 mph on level pavement I had about 5 episodes of push back. I went back to Mission.
    I feel held back by Delirium and afraid to push the board. My top speed to date is 15.5 mph. I won't try for faster without wearing my motorcycle race leathers!
    I wear a helmet, wrist guards, elbow guards and was thinking of giving up the elbow pads until my nose dive. Now I added hip pads in case I get bucked off again which makes riding much less spontaneous.
    Any advice would be appreciated.

  • @Dr-9Lives you don’t always get or feel pushback when climbing. I suspect that’s because there’s much more going on balance wise. On very steep heels it helps to switch wheel edges. But what you experienced doesn’t seem out of the ordinary.

  • @Dr-9Lives from what I understand you’ll get pushback sooner from more strenuous activity on the board, like going up a hill. Someone please correct me if I’m wrong. The reason I think this is because they say pushback occurs at different times depending on the riders weight. This makes me think that the harder the motor is working the sooner it will reach its “breaking point” and give pushback sooner. The delirium and mission modes sound like they’re back asswards to me. This is all coming from someone who doesn’t even own a OW so take it with a grain of salt and again please correct me if I’m under the wrong impression.

  • Thanks for the feedback. I think part of my problem was relying on the OW app for my top speed. I know you car reset it but assumed a new top speed would override the old but it doesn’t. So to record I guess you have to go to <board setting> and reset every time you want to record. I used Strava yesterday and hit 18.8 mph without thinking I was anywhere near that speed. (OW still shows 15.6). So maybe I am riding faster than I thought and thus getting more push back. I do find I can ride more aggressively in Mission.

  • @Dr-9Lives sounds like you’re having app connection issues. I assume you own an XR with Hardware 4208 and Formware Andromeda—4117?
    This is a known issue by the community and we’re waiting for official feedback from FM.
    Your app should always record your top speed; for every ride and for the life of the board.
    Unfortunately, unlike the odometer, the top speed does not appear to be stored on the board itself. So, your odometer will always be “correct” but your top speed will not be recorded if the app doesn’t have a connection with your board at the time that you hit your top speed.
    Check out this thread to read up more on the known app connection issues:

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