Onewheel App Suggestions

  • To the FM gurus:

    I'd like to recommend the following features to be added to the Onewheel app:

    • RIDES - date of ride logged
    • RIDES - sorting options
    • RIDES - data export
    • LEADERBOARD - current rank for streak
    • LEADERBOARD - show how many mi/km the top mileage holders added the previous day

    With all the data each ride logs, having one more line to include the date without having to type it in the ride name would be very convenient.

    Being able to sort rides by date, location, distance, etc. would be useful for sharing info with others.

    I'm not sure if the rides are stored locally on the phone, or if they're kept on a server, but in either case it could be handy to be able to export all your rides to maybe an XML sheet or PDF. Obviously it would be nice to show the ride path, too.

    Without having dates on each ride, it's hard to remember if I managed to log a ride for the day (sometimes I forget to start a new ride when I go out). But even with dates, it would be great to see my current streak count with the date of the last ride logged.

    For the names on the mileage leaderboard, having an additional column to show the previous day's additional mi/km would help for those looking to move up to know how much distance they should be trying to log each day.

    Hope these suggestions get seen by the right people. Thanks!

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