Battery issues?

  • I just got my Onewheel and I have to say it's everything I hoped it would be. I have noticed though I get severe pushback then shutdown of the board with the battery at 30%. The app will say "Onewheel needs juice, please charge" or something like that. Is it normal to get a low battery notification with that much battery left? It has happened every time. 1_1451099376019_image.png 0_1451099376018_image.png

  • @Apio I just got mine about a week ago and was wondering the same exact thing. After mine hits the 30% mark, it dies about 5 minutes later every time.

  • No guys that's not normal.. Email them right away

  • @njcustom Shoot. Okay, thanks, I'll do that.

  • Bummer, I just got it and I have a feeling I'm going to have to send it in for service

  • Update: I left it plugged in overnight last night to see if balancing the battery cells would help. This morning I took it out and drained it to about 75% battery (that's all the time I had sadly) and when I plugged it in the charger LED stayed green even though the OW power button pluses and the app showed no battery life. I sent an email to OW but probably won't hear back until Monday for obvious reasons. 0_1451135681111_image.png

  • @Apio Uh oh... I did the same thing last night, hoping to fix the problem. Going to be taking it out for a ride today, hoping I don't run into the same problem!

  • @thegreck I power cycled it a couple times and it seemed to be better. I took it out a little bit ago for a full ride and for the first time since I got it, I was able to run it all the way down to about 10% before getting the low battery warning. i only got about 5 miles on the charge, but it's cold out and I was in a hilly area. Also I carve a lot since I'm new and still trying to get the hang of it so ~5 miles doesn't bother me. Let me know your experience. I'd love it if I didn't have to send it back for repairs.

  • @Apio That's great! Okay, I'll post on it later today... Hoping I don't have to send mine back, either.

  • I always have to watch the charger led to make sure it turns red otherwise it doesn't charge. I normally have to hold the power button in for several seconds to get the light to turn red. You should not get low battery pushback until it's been on 1% for a little bit. I know this has happened to other riders and off the top of my head I thought the board did need to be shipped back.

  • @Franky that's good to know thank you. I'm mentally preparing myself to be without it for a few weeks. We'll see what FM has to say though.

  • @Apio I feel like I had a much better experience today. Seems like letting it charge overnight may have solved my issue. After it got to 20% I was still able to ride it around the park for a few minutes before riding it home (about a half mile away -- part of the way up a steep hill) and still had about 5% charge left.

    I also downloaded an app that will let me gauge how many miles I'm getting that I'll be using next time I ride to see how I'm doing with that, just to be sure.

  • @thegreck what app is that? I'm hoping the overnight charge solved my issue too, but I'm afraid to get my hopes up. I need to test it more and run it down a few more times. I'm on the east coast so the ban on shipping the boards via air means sending it back would put me down for a while.

  • @Apio The one I got is called Speedometer.

  • I heard back from FM today, their engineer said, "The battery level is measured by one of the many battery cells and different cells may hold different amounts of charge over time. If you charge your board for a long period of time all the cells should balance in their charge."

    So I think what we did is your best shot to fix it, if that doesn't work it might have to go back. It seems to have worked for me, but the weather has been so crappy here I haven't really had the ability to test it.

  • @Apio Have ridden several times since charging overnight, and it seems to have fixed my issue. I haven't been able to get a completely accurate mile count, but it's around 6 or 7 at least.

  • @thegreck That's great news. I have snuck a few rides in around the office but not enough to drain the battery yet so I need to test it further, but I'm encouraged.

  • @Apio I charged my OW overnight nd now it doesn't work. I can get it to power up with the charger plugged in but the second I unplug it it turns off. The app says it has 58volts and zero% charge. I am hoping to hear back from FM's support and hope I don't have to send it in. I live in Germany. That would be expensive. From what I have been reading, I would be very wary of charging the OW overnight event though the user manual suggests you do this now and again to "rebalance" the battery cells.

  • @joergknaf Man I'm sorry to hear that, hopefully you don't have to send it back. Mine did something like that too, I turned it off for a while and when I turned it back on it acted normal again. Ever since the overnight "rebalance" I have gotten normal range and battery life. I wonder if the different voltages in Europe would make a difference? I don't know, I'm not an electrical engineer.

    On a different note; I'll bet there are some awesome places to ride in Germany, I've been to G├╝glingen and thought that'd be an awesome place for a Onewheel.

  • @joergknaf support will take care of you but expect to have to send it back. At this point we are all beta testers in a way. While your board is under warranty they should cover shipping. Hopefully with each board they get back they are improving their approach to making these boards.

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