Wait times and shipping

  • According to the sticky there is an 8-10 week lead time, of course it’s a 2015 post. Is this figure still accurate? What is the current lead time if there is one?

    Also curious as to how long standard shipping takes if anyone has any idea.

    Thanks in advance.

  • @Ezrem Ordered an XR Friday morning, shipped Friday afternoon, in the local distribution center by Saturday morning, on the truck for delivery today by 5pm. And this was to Hawaii, so I'd think in the continental 48 you could see the same or better shipping.

  • @Ezrem when I ordered my XR a little over a month ago, it shipped within a few business days. Been riding it ever since. God I love this thing.
    Those lead times were from when they were basically building to order. FM has since built up a stockpile and have been shipping pretty much right away.
    Check the onewheel website for current updates. When I ordered, the site said “ready to ship” for both the plus and the XR.

  • Sweet! Good news all thanks for the fast responses!

  • Yeah delivery time now is fantastic, i ordered mine from FM to denmark was here a week later, and thats quick compared to it being dangerous goods.

  • Finally pulled the trigger on a +XR.
    Went with overnight cause I’m excited and dont want to wait. Overnight charge seemed reasonable.

    Package did not arrive next day.
    Package is now pending and has no delivery date.

    /Sad face

  • Did anyone see the thread for the “shock patent” for the onewheel?

  • Just got my brand new OW XR a few days ago, when i ordered i was searching to see what the wait time was on free shipping. After spending 1929 dollars i didn't want to spend any more than i had to. Im in LA so i wasn't that far from Santa Cruz. I was very tempted on spending another 90 for overnight, im glad i didn't. I ordered it and made the purchase on Sunday morning went with Free Shipping it was delivered 2 & 1/2 days later on Wednesday. I'm happy i didn't spend that extra 90 for delivery. Just want to help others who's buying a OW save some money if possible. Ride on! Peace.....

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