When to replace the plastic bumper plates?

  • Hello! I am a new to the Onewheel and have been having so much fun I have scratched the plastic plates up quite a bit. How do I know when the plastic needs to be replaced? (Attaching a photo.)

    I was thinking about adding armor to the plates but worried less clearance will make it less fun to ride.

    Although the amount of fun is currently maximum high so maybe I can cope with slightly less fun.



  • @Aaron not sure when to actually replace the bumpers. I’m interested in hearing what others have to say. But I would recommend a set of float plates from the looks of the underside of your board. You want to protect that underbelly from getting hit or else you may wind up breaking your control board.
    I’ve read a few posts about people busting their control boards from frequent or hard impacts to the underside of the board and yours looks a bit scuffed up.

  • @eckit That’s actually the battery section in his picture. The controller is in the front and is protected by the bumper. Float plates on the front are really only needed if you plan on grinding/sliding. I could see them helping protect the rear battery compartment but I wouldn’t worry to much about it.

  • @Rado good catch on the which end of the board was shown in the picture. The only reason I brought up the float plates is because I’ve read a few posts here about control boards breaking from impacts.

  • @eckit If you take off the front bumper (XR only) you’ll see that it is protected very well. The front bumper is already a “float plate”.

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