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  • Hey guys. I’m sure all or most of you have a onewheel. I unfortunately don’t. .... yet. I jumped the gun and joined this community knowing that someday I’ll join the ranks but until then I wanted to hear what actual owners had to say. I did find a place in Santa Monica that was close enough to me to make the trip out and spend 10 minutes on a new + model. AWESOME!!!! I wanted one before but throwing down that kind of dough on something I haven’t laid my finger (or feet) on just didn’t seem right. Anyway, my question is if you were in my shoes would you just buy the newest model (+XR) straight from future motion or save a couple hundred on a lightly used one (less than 100 miles). I ask because let’s say it has 50 miles on it but it’s rails are pretty scratched up or they rode it hard and put it away wet and there’s signs of corrosion or what not near the motor? The warranty from what I understand is a year so what if there’s only like 2-3 months left of the warranty? Where would you draw the line for buying a used OW and just get a new one?
    I like my toys to stay nice so here’s a few accessories I’m definitely going to have to get

    Thanks in advance for reading this and sharing your input with me.

  • @tomfoolery I had decided that if I were gonna spend that much coin I wanted to have the XR and I'm glad I did. Having that extra range is awesome and although you might save a couple bucks buying used I'd rather just buy new and have a little piece of mind. Best of luck!

  • @Devon thanks. I definitely am looking at the XR over the + because there is an awesome bike path that leads to our neighboring city about 15-16 miles away that’s right on the beach with a very nice bike path along the boardwalk. I work at a local place there that I could charge back up at while I get some lunch and chill at one of the many coffee shops for a bit before I hit the beach and hop on the late bus back home. I know it will take some time before I’m ready for a serious trek like that but until then, there’s some nice trails up here that I’d love to explore.

  • @tomfoolery I’d buy a new XR straight from FM. Especially since you got to take a test drive and you know that you’ll love it.
    For me, saving $200 on a $1800 purchase isn’t worth the unknowns when you buy used.
    I almost always prefer new for most of my purchases. I completely understand that not everyone is like that.
    However, if saving $200 on a used XR means getting a used XR versus a brand new Plus, GET THE USED XR. You will want the extra ride time! :)

  • @eckit thanks. Any input on the accessories? I already am aware of your “hyucks” but do you rock a fender or any board protection?

  • @tomfoolery I have float plates and I modified a stock OW fender to be magnetic instead of getting a third party magnetic fender.
    The reason why I wanted the stock OW fender was because I like the lines and how it flows with the rest of the board vs other third party fenders. But OW doesn’t make a magnetic option. I wanted a magnetic fender so I can easily remove it without a hex key if anything ever gets stuck under it. And where there’s a will there’s a way.
    Additionally, I bought covers for the power port and the power button to keep water, sand, grime, etc out of them. I don’t have the links right now to amazon, but I found them by reading through this forum.
    Aside from that, I commute in the early morning and at night on very busy roads—so I got myself a bunch of lights. Obnoxious? Maybe. But a driver can not say that they didn’t see me.
    And finally, obviously invest in a good helmet and at least some wrist guards.
    I don’t wear elbow or knee pads. But upon advice that I read on either reddit or here, I purchased a lightweight mesh motorcycle jacket that I can wear when it’s cool out and it has shoulder, elbow, and back pads built right in.

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