riding in reverse most of the time?

  • Came across a product which is designed to have you ride "the wrong" way: https://www.synergywiz.com/glider/

    Assuming that I can get used to having the 2-sided sensor on my back foot, is that ok from a product longevity standpoint? I would imagine that most of the testing has been done in the "normal" direction.

  • @boardyandsoul at first glance I thought these were great until I read the wheels went on the back. They just came out with the newest version that puts the wheels on the front and a shorter handle on the back side so you can ride it the normal way. Only con is if you use the handle and are taller then it’ll be more of a bend over when rolling it and you’ll have the weight of the batteries up top that’ll make it feel heavier. You can also just buy one half if you only want a nosedive measure or a handle. Personally I’d only really be interested in the wheels being on the front in case of a nosedive but there’s also fangs or you can check out this thread for a look at @eckit ’s “hyucks” and I some links to someone else’s mods.

  • I was going to get Gliders until I saw the switch requirement. The problem with sensors in back is that I move my back foot a lot. It is my main steering mechanism. I find I even lift my heel a little. Watch Slydog Stroh ride in his videos. He has total board feel and lifts his back foot all the time. That would be fatal if sensors were there.

    It's good they wised up and made a front version, but I went with Fangs already. I like that they are hardly noticeable. I have a handle on the side and don't usually go where I would have to drag the board around.

  • @wheelrich You can ride with the sensor in the rear just fine. The board will work with only one sensor activated as long as you are going over 1mph.

  • @Rado said in riding in reverse most of the time?:

    @wheelrich You can ride with the sensor in the rear just fine. The board will work with only one sensor activated as long as you are going over 1mph.

    I'm liking this mod.. Its what I was looking for but am also worried about riding with the sensor in the back.. Is that a fact that the sensor works with only 1 side depressed over 1mph? Because I lift my rear heal up alot while riding.. Thought I bailed once because I lifted my front heel? Maybe not?

  • @Rado I thought it was limited how long you could do it with just one sensor. I have read claims of nosedives from losing front sensor contact. Even if that is true, if you come to a temporary stop doing tricks, just balancing in place, or making a sharp turn, it can shut down on you at inconvenient times. I still think going front sensor is the better way. But to each their own.

  • I think you are right... Front Sensor for me... I ordered the Fangs 2.0.. https://land-surf.com/

    I'll let you all know if they save me from a nose dive... I think 2 is enough for me!


  • @Rado I just got a OW notice on my phone that was warning me that only front sensor pad had pressure for 10 seconds while going over 5 mph. I was practicing long arcing turns and prob was lifting front heel enough for no pressure reading. I’m new, at 60 miles and was really cranking toeside arcs.
    This happened going toeside toward the sensor (front plate) direction.

  • When I first started riding in June I'd get the one sensor msg. ALL the time and quit carrying my phone because it annoyed me. (One sensor is OK 'long as you're going over 1 MPH.) Someone told me it was my shoes. I threw away my $12.00 Walmart sneakers and bought a pair of $30.00 (Walmart) sneakers and haven't got the msg. since (500 miles).

  • @speedracer You can turn the footpad sensor notifications off in the app.

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