Bluetooth Battery level meter accessory

  • Someone mentioned something like this a couple of ago. I don't think they were thinking Bluetooth . Having a simple battery powered Bluetooth receiver we could stick on top of the fender would be really cool. All it would need would be is five or six indicator leds like on DJI smart batteries. It could be very simple, small and inexpensive, My phone Bluetooth intermittently looses connection when my phone is in my shirt pocket. I don't mind carrying my phone but it would nice to have a choice. Personally I would rather not be watching my phone while riding . Maybe on breaks. I would rather not rely on the app and use my phone for pictures , music , etc if I want.

  • @Enterusername I like the idea but perhaps a “watch like band” instead of mounted to the top of the board. I feel like it would be too easy to kick off the board and easier to see on your wrist.

  • I just ordered a simple cheaper basic smartwatch. It claims to stay charged for 30 hrs on one 2.5 hour charge. I like the idea of attaching to my wrist guard . I read many others are doing the same. Thanks , will see how it goes? Main goal was to separate my Onewheel from my phone and have a dedicated power meter. If this works I think this will get the job done. Hopefully I can get the app to work. If not I'll return it back to Amazon.

  • @Enterusername let us know how it goes. What smart watch are you gonna use and does it connect directly or does it still connect through your phone?

  • I use the TicWatch E, which is a Wear OS watch that connects directly to the OneWheel using the OneWheelWear Android watch app. Can also use the OneWheel watch app, but that connects to the app running on the phone.

  • First watch was an Amaz fit which I pretty sure it wouldn't work before I got it and it didn' t . I just got tired of reading about maybe this and that and jumped in. Sent that back and got the Ticwatch E as recommended above . Looks like it wants to work but there's connectivity problem??? . I have a IPHONE 6S running updated software, I tried both the free ONEWEEL WEAR app and then the $6.99 Verson. My phone is seeing a hex looking code while searching for blue tooth connections. I found a place in the $6.99 version setting where it would take the code entered manually . It says available but it still won't pair. Seems I'm stuck . I do have the original version Onewheel that Ijust got back from One wheel with fresh tire and battery and checkout. Works great with my phone,
    More than anything I just wanted a little battery monitor on the board or may on my wrist guard. I don't like to pulling out my expensive phone out all time to check power level . I don't give crap about speed. Distance is great but my battery power is more important. Wish there was a simple plug in at the battery port to check power and even keep that port clean. Plan on calling One wheel to see if they can help with the watch. If anyone has an idea please let me know, Thanks