Bluetooth Battery level meter accessory

  • I just ordered a simple cheaper basic smartwatch. It claims to stay charged for 30 hrs on one 2.5 hour charge. I like the idea of attaching to my wrist guard . I read many others are doing the same. Thanks , will see how it goes? Main goal was to separate my Onewheel from my phone and have a dedicated power meter. If this works I think this will get the job done. Hopefully I can get the app to work. If not I'll return it back to Amazon.

  • @Enterusername let us know how it goes. What smart watch are you gonna use and does it connect directly or does it still connect through your phone?

  • I use the TicWatch E, which is a Wear OS watch that connects directly to the OneWheel using the OneWheelWear Android watch app. Can also use the OneWheel watch app, but that connects to the app running on the phone.

  • First watch was an Amaz fit which I pretty sure it wouldn't work before I got it and it didn' t . I just got tired of reading about maybe this and that and jumped in. Sent that back and got the Ticwatch E as recommended above . Looks like it wants to work but there's connectivity problem??? . I have a IPHONE 6S running updated software, I tried both the free ONEWEEL WEAR app and then the $6.99 Verson. My phone is seeing a hex looking code while searching for blue tooth connections. I found a place in the $6.99 version setting where it would take the code entered manually . It says available but it still won't pair. Seems I'm stuck . I do have the original version Onewheel that Ijust got back from One wheel with fresh tire and battery and checkout. Works great with my phone,
    More than anything I just wanted a little battery monitor on the board or may on my wrist guard. I don't like to pulling out my expensive phone out all time to check power level . I don't give crap about speed. Distance is great but my battery power is more important. Wish there was a simple plug in at the battery port to check power and even keep that port clean. Plan on calling One wheel to see if they can help with the watch. If anyone has an idea please let me know, Thanks

  • @Enterusername good luck. I’m afraid I’m no help past this point until I can actually get my hands on a OW.

  • Tried getting help from Onewheel and they say they don't support smartwatches or the use of them or the apps. They were very cool as usual . Apparently it's all second source stuff. Not sure how the other guy got the Ticwatch E to work. A little disappointed . Everyone should take caution in this endeavor. I am about to change gears again and go a different way ....hopefully better. Wasn't crazy about how small the Tick watch display is anyway. Honestly I hate watches more than cell phones. All that health fitness crap makes me tired just thinking about it. Not into grueling hobbies anymore. If it doesn't have a motor screw it. I'm just trying to figure out a way of riding and monitoring power level without looking a phone, I still think the board should have a power level indicator on it like every electronic device should. Especially $1500+ transportation devices. No matter what I love this thing and I will find a better way.

  • @Enterusername maybe the new design will incorporate the battery meter.

  • @Enterusername I think you tried this already, but the OneWheelWear app does have a place to manually enter the blue tooth ID of your OneWheel. You can get that from an app called BLE Scanner on Android (not sure about IOS). Once I put that in, I was able to connect with my OneWheel+. I also just got an XR and put in the bluetooth ID for it and it connects as well. Of course, the XR now has an issue that it can't seem to stay connect to either a phone or a watch past about 1 foot distance, so right now I'm riding blind as you are, but can't even pull out my phone to check because it won't stay connected!

  • I fixed my problem. Jelly phone! Better than any watch I tried. I'm getting about 10 FEET of range or better....awesome connectivity. Made by Unihertz. Has a really cool arm band elastic velcro strap accessory that works great with my wrist guard. Tiny little phone... It makes the Onewheel App look ok. I've always like the OWheelbuddy app better but can't find it in google play. Pics comming...

  • Jelly phone with Onewheel app running



  • @Enterusername I used to use an old Samsung S4 just like that, with a wrist band mount. Glad you found a solution!

  • @Enterusername @OneDan so we just have to buy a whole other phone?

  • @tomfoolery Not me, I no longer use the old phone as the TicWatch E works fine for me with my +! However, not for my new XR, but that's a different issue (bluetooth disconnects) that, hopefully, FM is working on.

  • Thanks and nope .. I used my phone for 500 mi and I hated it.
    Actually, l kinda think the Jelly is a cool twist to the "phone gone wild movement". I could buy 8 of these for the cost of a Iphone . It works great for me so far. There are probably lots of other possibilities like mentioned above. I didn't happen to have anything laying around that was usable. I REALLY like the extended Bluetooth range.. I was getting terrible BT signal with my Iphone 6S.
    The key pad is so tiny on this thing. I had to use a stylist to type on it ..LOL but got er done. I didn't have to do anything ...I just wanted something more dedicated to my Onewheel. I reeeeaaallly love this thing!!!! Better than kiteboarding , snowboarding,surfing, PPG , everything because it's so accessible.
    Good luck

  • @Enterusername - this is a terrific idea, thanks! I think I'm going to copy you but cheap out and get a tiny smartphone that's about $70 - the reviews aren't as good as for the Jelly, but if it does this one thing that is all I care about; I am hoping I can just put velcro on the back, and use that to attach it to my wristguard. If it works I will report back.

    It's this one, if anyone else is interested, or has tried it:

  • @Enterusername hmmmm. Really that cheap? I too have an iPhone 6s+ which would be really awkward strapped to my wrist. I’ll look into the cost of one as the Bluetooth connectivity is also brought up in another thread XR constantly losing app connection.
    It is one of the current issues that’s holding me back from making my purchase.

  • @Glyph that totally looks like a doable option. Pretty sleek if you ask me.

  • @tomfoolery the Jelly has better reviews, and that case/arm band makes it a no-brainer to wear - but it's also (including the arm band) about twice as much. So I'm going to try the cheaper option first.

  • If any of these solutions helps with the XR's disconnect issue, please post back here and on the other thread. I'm pretty sure the issue is on the board side of the connection though, so this most likely won't be the case. From above, I think @Enterusername has the original OneWheel and my OneWheel+ connects to any of my devices (old Samsung S4, Pixel XL, and TicWatch E) no problem.

  • Well, the El Cheapo phone won't work - none of the Android OW apps are compatible with it.

    I knew the official FM one would be dicey because the Google Store didn't say what version of Android it needed to be running (it says "Varies By Device") but the OneWave third-party app says that Android 5.0 and up should work.

    Even though the phone has Android 5.1, the Google Store says the device is not compatible with the app and won't let you install. And, the battery life is LUDICROUSLY bad, I don't think this would be practical even if I could get the apps installed and running.

    Might have to spring for the Jelly.

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