Bluetooth Battery level meter accessory

  • If any of these solutions helps with the XR's disconnect issue, please post back here and on the other thread. I'm pretty sure the issue is on the board side of the connection though, so this most likely won't be the case. From above, I think @Enterusername has the original OneWheel and my OneWheel+ connects to any of my devices (old Samsung S4, Pixel XL, and TicWatch E) no problem.

  • Well, the El Cheapo phone won't work - none of the Android OW apps are compatible with it.

    I knew the official FM one would be dicey because the Google Store didn't say what version of Android it needed to be running (it says "Varies By Device") but the OneWave third-party app says that Android 5.0 and up should work.

    Even though the phone has Android 5.1, the Google Store says the device is not compatible with the app and won't let you install. And, the battery life is LUDICROUSLY bad, I don't think this would be practical even if I could get the apps installed and running.

    Might have to spring for the Jelly.

  • @Glyph not jelly of the jelly.

  • Way to go FM for putting a LED battery level meter on the new Pint. Can't wait to try one.

  • There are probably lots of other possibilities like mentioned above. I didn't happen to have anything laying around that was usable. I REALLY like the extended Bluetooth range
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