Beginner Story and my Suggestions to new Riders.. And Question.. ;)

  • @JonAmico77 hey man, slow down! LOL I mean, the board CAN go 20+ mph, but that doesn't mean you SHOULD. Also, spend some time reading posts about how to ride safely on this forum, it's invaluable.

    I fell the first time at 90 miles on the board going maybe 2 mph. This one, the fangs would have saved me. The next time I fell at 600 miles on my board, I was doing 22 mph. I got pretty banged up, but luckily had full gear on. It was then that I realized I shouldn't push the board more than maybe 16 mph.

    After that, I did get the fangs. They won't STOP or PREVENT nose dives, but they "might" give you a few precious seconds of rolling to get the nose back up. I "tested" them out trying to accelerate too quickly across a street and they saved me. However, if you're going too fast, they probably won't help you.

    Take it from me after 1300 miles on my board, the idea here is to float, not bomb. I mean, you can do that, but I'd definitely wait until you have the basics down and can float around town at a reasonable speed.

    Good luck, man . . . hope you heal well.

  • @JonAmico77 hey bud. Nice tips. One day I’ll be the owner of one but until then I’m researching as much as I can about them. The glider mod you found has been updated with a shorty handle for the back so you can put the wheels on the front. You just have to make sure you order that configuration. Personally I like the “fangs 2.0 that @OneDan+ mentioned. You can check them out here. Alternatively there’s another thread with some videos for less low profile but safer looking mods and @eckit ’s “hyucks” he came up with in this thread. Sounds like you definitely pushed through the pushback at 20mph. Ride safe brother. When I get mine we’ll have to plan something between us as I live in ojai and you can show me everything you’ve learned.

  • @OneDan

    Lol Yeah. 4th Suggestion: SLOW DOWN...

    I just couldnt help it... I Downhill skateboards.... lol

  • @tomfoolery

    Lol. I'd love to explore ojai on the one wheel.. l grew up in Camarillo so pretty familiar.. But finding fun on the new wheel is rad..

    Get one quick! Best toy I ever purschased!

  • @tomfoolery

    And I did go with fangs 2.0. Ordered them a few hours ago.. I will let you k ow if they save me from nose dives like the two Ive been victim of.... Just cuz I know I cant help wanting to go faster...

  • @JonAmico77 I’m pretty set on getting the fangs as well. I’ve heard talk of a new OW coming out with shocks. Not the hugest selling point for me but I definitely have a list of goodies I’m gonna want to pop on the OW as soon as I get it. Fender I haven’t really decided on but I know I want one, sidekicks and float plates with the fangs.

  • Sooooo, I got the Fangs but did not install them as I was on a 9 day work streak with 12 hour days.. I did have it on locations and was getting good at taking it easy but at the same time taking it to the limit I'm sure.. With all my carving and need for speed I hardly feel the push back on the delirium and have been feeling much more comfortable on the XR..

    I thought I was all good, This time wearing a helmet, no other padding or gloves and on a bike path.. Not quite full speed, maybe 30% battery then out of no where it nose dives... This time I really do not think it was me pushing past push back. I was a cruising. And even if I was why the hell would it just cut off as a fail safe or safe guard? Seems so lame to me...

    There should be a "I signed my life away" Mode so people like me can bail by speed wobbles or bumps in the road on our own stupidity.. Not much a safety feature if you face plant at 20mh because of engine braking... I was in complete control at my speed till the thing stopped on me.. :(

    I was about to buy a 2nd one so friend could ride with me but my good buddy twisted his knee on mine and is lost days of work. I cant say its the safest sport?!

    I do still love mine. Bruised and battered.. Again...

    Edit, I now installed the fangs.. I will let you know if they help me pull out of the next shut down...

  • @JonAmico77

    Couple things:

    1. If you are using the fangs on the regular, you are pushing the board beyond it's limits, not yours. Reading through your earlier story, if you are at 20 mph, you have already pushed through pushback, 100%. Since you are pushing past the safe zone, when you hit an incline you don't have enough juice... depending on the slope/grade, you need to reduce your speed to keep from diving.

    2. You kept mentioning lifting your heel during turns at speed but this will not cause a nosedive. Once you're past 1 mph, you technically only need one sensor engaged... not recommended because if you lose that one connection then you will nose dive! If you have only one sensor engaged for 10 seconds, you’ll get s notification about it.

    Glad you're loving the board so far! Despite some falls, sounds like you're really learning and enjoying it.

    If you learn the limits of the board, and respect them, you will greatly reduce your chances of nosediving. OW's are hard pressed to keep up with Boosted boards... but you can take advantage of the smooth ride, nimbleness and off road ability. If you truly have a need for speed, try out a board with 4 wheels.

  • Good Advice sir!

    I found this that was funny..

    IanJohnson said in Airplanes have stall warnings. Just before the wing stalls, there is a loud beep...:

    It doesn't know you are nosediving until you are nosediving. It can be mostly fine (maybe you already ignored pushback) until you hit a bump or bit of resistance that suddenly shifts your weight forward too much for it to catch up with the little power remaining. It can sound an alarm at that point, but you will already be in the air.

    Pushback happens early because it needs to have enough power to accelerate enough to lift the nose while also maintaining balance. That is your nosedive warning. After pushback, it cannot guarantee it will have enough power to keep you balanced in all conditions. Surging is a way to tell you to back off while it still has enough power to keep up with aggressive riding.

    Requests for a nosedive warning sound like "Why hasn't FM implemented a warning to tell me when I am about to nosedive after I have ignored the other warnings?" If you had a nosedive and never felt pushback, then you need to work on riding in a way that keeps your head and shoulders centered over the wheel and not leaning out over the nose.

    I have not had to use the fangs since I've installed them... I hope i will not.. It was the bike path nose dive that tripped me out.. But I'm over and know I just need to slow down! I looked at boosted boards but love the fact that this is controller free and I stop and turn on a dime... I will take those over the extra 9 or 10 MPH... I need to slow down anyway. I'm too old to be falling so much...


  • @JonAmico77 not 100% sure who said it but they referred to the fangs as “fun insurance”. I think it was sky man. Even if they give me a split second of rolling to try to correct it before I endo just once, they’ll be totally worth it to me as it seems pushback isn’t all that noticeable in certain modes.

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