I want a skillz meter.....pretty please...

  • After each logged ride the app will display two values: the first would be miliamps the motor used purely for locomotion. The second value would be miliamps used by the motor to keep the rider balanced.........

    The second value would be the operative, or skill value. The lower the number, the better the rider * (see notes)
    Beginners would generally burn a lot of juice as the board is constantly correcting for their lack of balance . A very skilled rider would have a low second value because the motor would not have to expend as much energy balancing the board. This would be very useful for tracking progress, achieving greater range per charge, and hitting top speeds. As you progress the locomotion value will increase and the skillz value will decrease.

    • riding style is a factor. Data from multiple standard rides from point A to point B would produce the most relevant values. Also, the digital shaping mode would effect the values. For example, elevation mode would produce a higher skill value than delirium.

    Jib/trick session data would not be as relevant or usefull due to the whimsical randomness of getting hyphy and the difficulty in reproducing what was hyphy.

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