XL motor jerks/stutters when accelerating

  • XL motor jerks when accelerating briskly. Like a stuttering, faltering feeling under quicker acceleration on flat or moderate acceleration up a hill. Like a clutch slipping on a car, but like a quick stutter. More noticeable as I get more comfortable, and happens every time. OW is about 2 mo's old. I weigh 170. OW Tech support called it ""power boosts or surging" and told me to boost tire PSI, which I did but it made no sense and did nothing to help. Anybody else have this?

  • Yep, its the "surge". Feels exactly like an intermittent slipped clutch. It happens when the motor is under load.

  • @hilby so is he just accelerating too quickly?

  • Good question, I experience seemingly random surges when im riding rough terrain, going up steep hills, and mobing through tall grass. The common denominator is that I'm pushing the motor hard. Generally the surges are a pre cursor to the dreaded acceleration nosedive. (different from the excessive speed nosedive) If I'm surging and keep accelerating hard, the board will occasionally faceplant on me. This will happen without the kickback warning you get with excessive speed. So I generally treat surging as an indicator that I am on the threshold of the boards tolerance. My current rule of thumb: A couple of surges here and there is fine, if I get three or four surges in 2 seconds or less, I'm about to stack and back off. I don't avoid it, I just try not to push harder. I've been experimenting by getting fully padded up and inducing surging by accelerating hard from a dead stop. I'm starting to get a feel for it. There is some predictability.

  • Ahh I thought I was the only one ☝️ I’ve also experienced this when accelerating up hill usually.
    Tbf i would probably stutter carrying my fat arse up a hill at those speeds 😂

  • @kvngrn

    I'd only be concerned if this was happening all the time. When the OW+ had it's firmware updated (as well as Delirium introduced as the board did not ship with that shaping mode available) the surging was added. It's some last ditch effort to help warn you that you're at the limit for the motor and that it may have just prevented a nose dive.

    I would check your tire pressure (~17-20psi for weight, depending on terrain) and also check your body position. In my experience that is the biggest driver. On my OW+ (and XR but less often), I could re-center by body weight over the wheel as I'd catch myself leaning forward when going up hill thus taxing the motor more.

    if you can find a spot that usually cases the surging, check your tire pressure and then try shifting your hips/shoulders relative to the wheel a few times and see if that helps. I usually shift my weight and back off a little when I feel this on pavement.

  • It sounds like you need more speed than one the Onewheel can offer. Many of us end up there eventually, you just got there faster.

    If speed is your thing: https://www.lacroixboards.com/product-page/dss60
    I saw a couple of these up close last week and was really impressed.

  • I have the exact same brother
    Edit: I ride at 35 psi
    I weigh 60kg.
    Clutch slip is noticable once I drop to 60% battery, however it does happen on full aswell.

  • @DrN3RD why do you have your psi so high?

  • @tomfoolery I just prefer when I can feel the bumps and terrain a bit better. It gives it the agility I felt with my OW original. Furthermore, the range increase is always a bonus, but all in all It just makes the ride feel more responsive..

  • @DrN3RD I’ll have to try bumping it up a little bit and see what it’s like. Only have about 10 miles on it so far. Tonight I hit my new top speed and was carving like I was snowboarding down a mountain. It felt great!

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