Some kind wheels to adapt in the bottom to help care around my one wheel, like luggage

  • Hi!
    Someone knows something about some kind wheels that i can attach in the bottom of my onewheel to make easily care around, is really heavy for me, like, some places i go i need lift and care with me, with i could adapt some wheels, like those luggage ones, just to carry around going to be so cool!! someone have any idea?
    I trying to figure out something but need be small, just plug in the bottom, dont know.... ehehehe thanks everyone!!

  • @candicehorie yes. Here is the glider. It’s exactly what you’re looking for. There’s 2 different models. One with the wheels on the front and handle in back and the first design with the wheels on the back side and handle in front. The handle in front is longer and keeps the majority of the weight (the battery end) down low and the one with the wheels on the front has a slightly shorter handle but will feel heavier because you’ve got the batteries up in the air by your hand. If I were to get this I would get the shorty handle but it’s up to you which way you want to go.

  • @candicehorie hi. Was reading your post and remembered that in the "riding reverse most of the time" thread was also mentioned a luggage option.
    Did you meant something like that? Think other people here have also some solutions for you

  • @tomfoolery was faster than me

  • @AT_onewheeler you were on it though bro. I forgot to mention with the longer handle option (wheels on the back) they recommend riding it backwards. I don’t like this idea and is the reason I’d op for the shorter handle. I’m about 6’ And I don’t think the shorter handle would make me walk hunched over but I can’t say for sure.

  • @tomfoolery yes I also don't want to drive with the sensors on my rear foot. Because to stire harder or a littelier radius I use my rear foot more for standing on toe tips or on the heel, so at little speeds it would disengage.
    Dont really have a idea about 6'.. I'm 185cm tall and I wouldn't buy it because if the handle is really short it would have been a senseless investion

  • Inspired by this person's video In certain situations, I bring a small clamp and use a wallet chain(connected to keys not wallet: for getting keys out of my pocket from under other stuff without digging, adds security, never lose/forget them among other uses). Just hook up and walk it like a dog. There are a few really cheap ways to do this if you don't want extra hardware on your board, to save money or if it's highly situational. Course this means it can be any height as well.

    Side note: float plates reduce how hard I can turn without bottoming out. I'm sure the glider will as well, perhaps even worse. If you're a buttery 180 style rider, this may cause you to hate your board in short order.

  • Hey everyone thanks!! is super cool, exactly what i need kind price, but maybe worth i think right?
    THnaks again!!

  • SOmeone bought from this company already?

  • @Fresh eheheheh this is a cool idea!!! i trying to figure out some idea also, try to save some usd is always good idea :)

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