Odometer included in app

  • I would like to see an odometer included in the OW app. The current trip meter is nice but it would be great to know how far my OW has travelled since coming of the production line.

  • I am going to add to my wish list and they are all app related. I am not a computer expert but I am confident my wish list additions are possible. Here we go:

    1. Modern cars have a data port that technicians can connect to and see all sorts of engine management info about the car to identify faults etc. In relation to computers, in the past I have had technicians remotely access my PC to make changes or look for problems. It would be nice if, somehow, FM techs could remotely access the app (with your permission of course) to check for issues. This may alleviate the need to send OWs back to FM for repairs if a software issue (for example) could be identified and rectified remotely.

    2. The capability to save and review logs of trips. Distance, average speed, maximum speed, day, date etc. At the moment you can see the distance travelled on a trip but once the OW is turned off that info disappears. The app only shows the real time speed and you need to be looking at the app on an iPhone or iPad to see your speed.

    3. The ability to record routes within the OW app. Currently you need another app (and remember to turn it on) to record where you went, altitude etc.

    Any other suggestions?

  • if you use the STRAVA app everytime you use the one wheel it should also be pretty easy to add up the milage ... until they make it very easy and add it to the one wheel app !!!

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