Couple reports of + and XR shutting off mid ride at slow speeds and bricking

  • 2 XRs in one video
    report only:

    Same issue, cuts out as user is slowing down. This one is a +
    actual footage:

    In second video, appears to be related to battery issues. You can see someone asked what the resolution was and the person mentioned the battery needed replacing.

    Will say this is making me a bit nervous since I ride on roadways and commute with my OW. A cut out of this sort on the road could definitely result in death esp if cars are around. Would be nice if there's a way to determine if a particular board is at risk for this behavior, perhaps some sort of mail-in inspection, or test suite built into the OW app.

  • I'm in a facebook group that just reported 2 more folks XR's bricking mid ride. Everyone is talking about it happening at like 10 and 11mph. A third user just reporting "speaking with someone" about another XR that bricked. I think it's safe to safe that these can brick while you're riding.

  • @WheeledOne no doubt those dudes in the video had bad luck and that sucks, falling sucks. Here's my experience which runs a bit counter to what you're assuming based on a couple anecdotes:

    I ride with a group of 10-20 onewheelers (all models) most Fridays, have clocked hundreds of miles with them - I've seen this happen zero times. Of my 3 Onewheels (two plus and one XR) none have ever bricked mid-ride, each have clocked over 1,000 miles. The guy in the video says he's ridden over 1,500 miles, well, I've clocked 4,000 personally and I'll tell you this shit is RARE on a board that is well-cared for (I don't do tricks, drops, hardcore board abuse - that is a different story and yes it can and will eventually brick a board).

    Were the boards in the video recently abused or modified? He doesn't say. I don't know exactly why they were so seemingly unlucky but surely based on my own, more extensive experience, it is not reasonable for me to suddenly assume every Onewheel could malfunction at any time, leading to injury...

    Sorry for the rant but I'm tired of this misleading narrative, it's been repeated over and over in various forms of like "these things are death machines waiting to murder you!". My direct experience in the real world is so completely different that it's absurd.

  • @readysetawesome Sounds like your story is anecdotal and also misleading considering its based on a very small number one onewheels which is far too small to account for thousands (tens of thousands?) of OW's shipped. FM covered the repair of his item under warranty, and it hasn't happened to his board since. It's been 1 year and he also picked up an XR which hasn't had the issue yet. The fact FM replaced it under warranty and the fact it never happened since they warranty swapped his battery makes your suggestion about trick riding and board abuse seem irrelevant. I think your carefree attitude is probably due to not riding in dangerous environments that have low margin for error, which I often do as part of a daily commute in a city. Cyclists get killed here frequently.
    I hope FM is taking it more seriously and determining the precise parameters that lead to these situations. The findings should also be made public - quite frankly bro science is not going to cut it.

  • I can say that my XR cut out mid ride at 11-13 mph, and it was bricked. I sent it in for repair and just received it back. I have no idea as to what caused the problem. I don't do any tricks, I just like the smooth riding. It's tough because I already understand the risks, but now I have lost trust in the device. And yet, I continue to ride...

  • were you braking when it cut out?

  • @alvises Good question. It would have been right at the start of braking, if at all. Still had a little to travel.

  • @Jason_rand so it didn't finish in a nosedive, right? I mean, at least if you were start braking you were with the weight on the back..

  • @alvises No, I had no warning and no nosedive. I would have preferred that, as I would have had a moment to prepare to eat pavement. I was still more forward than back or even upright in transition to brake.

  • @WheeledOne I don't have a carefree attitude at all, not sure why you are making that assumption. I wear a helmet and full pads (moto jacket with elbows, back, shoulders, plus wristguards), I ride in all kinds of traffic almost every day. I do it all safely but it is not risk-free. None of what you said changes anything. My opinion remains: the board is safe until my testing reveals it is not safe. I'm not giving up something I love safely every day based on your anecdotes, that's not "bro science" its direct experience which I value highly.

    People having issues with their boards post about it regularly, and guess what? Every new person having an issue does a google search right away, and gets instant confirmation of any "this is a dangerous machine" bias they may have. And then you all start shouting about how it's a death machine because you're living in a google/facebook echo chamber where you don't hear about the vast majority of 1000s of onewheel riders who are not having failures every day.

  • its great that you're not falling on your face, @readysetawesome . This tends to indicate that OW have a failure mode in "some" of their boards (read "a lot" of their boards, based on the customer feedback), given how different the experiences are.

  • @bioroller

    Are you in any of the Facebook groups? Similar to what @readysetawesome said, I think it's the 5% that are having issues that post frequently. We have a large group of riders and do group rides most weekends... only a couple of people have ever sent their board back for warranty work.

    One was the random shut off though, so issues do exist. That board was repaired and returned with a hardware fix and has been problem free for the last couple hundred miles.

  • @WheeledOne

    Happened to me too. Slight uphill grade, not carving, straight ahead.

    Since it was at dusk and I could see the glow of the headlights, it was quite obvious when the lights AND the board just shut-off! ...and then I was flying through the air.

    When I scraped myself off of the pavement, the board turned on like nothing happened.

    I'm scared to ride it now.

  • @Trackingshotjay

    If you still had battery left and the the board was on but blinking an error code (power button light) than it was a nose dive.

    If you still had battery left and the board was completely off and had to turned back on, then you have a hardware issue.

  • Happened to me as well just a few days ago, XR w. Gemini. Was going slow, under ten mph, board bricked and shut off three times in maybe 10 minutes. Ate the tasty NorCal pavement twice and gave up the third time, no way I'm getting back on it before it gets properly checked.

    Absolutely no issues before this incident, the board has 450 easy commute miles on it.

    Still waiting on the customer service to respond. Sad panda.

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