Nose drag

  • Guys has anyone experienced and glitch where the wheel would shut off?

    I 8 it on the pavement, going over mid speed and the one wheel just stopped ,,,,,,front end (sensor side) nose dug in, you can picture the rest lol....

  • This happened to me once, though it was my assumption that I accidentally leaned too far forward and caught a small dip or my foot wasn't solidly on the pressure pad.

    Thankfully I've never gone to the ground on pavement.
    Most of the time I can stumble forward on my feet.
    Several times I've gone to the ground on grass but normally while riding very aggressively.

  • @818 I have experienced this under two occasions, once when I was pushing too hard going up hill, and second when I was wearing running shoes with a high arch. The high arch causes the sensor to think you are no longer on the board, there for it shuts off. If you haven't already, try flat shoes like vans, or convers.

  • Also had this when going fast up a hill, just nose dived and ate tarmac. My biggest onewheel accident to date.

    Edit: I Originally thought it was an issue with extreme shaping 2.0's pushback not working, but I haven't had another incident like that since, so hopefully it was just a once off glitch...

  • I hope these few glitches wont happen again to any of us as we progress in our abilities on the board....

    The pressure pad should be able to realize at a speed higher than 5 mph not to shut off?

  • For what it's worth, I have never had a footpad shutdown issue. I have noticed that with firmware 2.0, FM added a 0.5-1.0 second delay in shutdown when removing your foot from the pad. I assume this was done at our collective request to hopefully prevent an accidental shutdown at speed when going over bumps. While it is good for that reason, I have noticed that it can be detrimental at slow speeds when quick shutdown is required. The board can continue moving for a split second and run out from under you, causing a fall. I see this as a trade off, but there is definitely a reason why the board shuts down when pressure is lost. Otherwise it wouldn't be usable.

  • I know @Franky and I have talked about this in another post together, but I've had similar thing as @jeremyschow had going uphill twice. One time I leaned forward to far going up the hill and saved it. The other time I hit a dip going uphill, caused the nose to dive and I got awesome road rash on my forearm. Thank god I had on write guards or I would've for sure broken my arm as I was going fast enough I wasn't able to run it out and looked like I then slid for home plate. Best part, was a house away from mine. haha

    You have to wear flat shoes, period. That sensor isn't perfect, don't give it a reason to stop.

    I think they need to go to some kind of weight for the entirety of the front pad. That way you can adjust your foot more, lean into carving more by raising your toes/heel. As long as there's some kind of significant weight on there, with a time delay for when you hit bumps, it would be better IMHO. Version 2 board maybe?

  • Not challenging, just kicking around ideas, but how would you dismount then? Just jump off? Seems less elegant than the current method of sliding your front foot off the pad.

  • I slide off. Everyone of my friends that is new at riding my board jumps off. I've watched more of them eat it jumping off than actually riding.

  • I rotate my front foot off the pad, then wait the 1 second or so to feel the board shut down, then lower. I never felt comfortable just jumping off, which is why I'm not sure how a fully sensitive front footpad would work. I'm certainly open to the idea. Anything that eliminates the chance of accidental shutdown is worth exploring.

  • Valid point actually since I do what you do, just slide my foot and the board drops. Hmmm.....I still want to be able to move my foot and heel toe like I do the rear end, just not sure how exactly. Maybe it's something where you still can work both ways, where's its 3/4 of the front deck is weight sensitive and the front nose, the last 1/4 is not so you can still slide up and off as normal.

  • This happened to me as well going up a hill. I ate it big time! Check out the damage @adonis415 on IG. I ordered some Protec double down pads just because It has now lost my full trust hahaha. I'll probably ride on the grass until I heal up!

  • i always dismount by jumping off heelside with both feet simultaneously and it's never failed for me; yall might want to give it a try, once you get the hand of it it's a smooth dismount. honestly i've ridden hundreds of miles and the only time i've had the board shut off i know it was my fault with my foot position, i don't think there's a glitch.

  • I have had these woes multiple times and the road rash to prove it. Asphalt or dirt at 14mph sucks. I assume it's related to sensors. Interestingly, it's been when I'm wearing tennis shoes. With high heeled cowboy boots on have not been bucked from the board yet.

    My other damage cause challenge is when I forget which foot is on the sensor pad and try removing or rolling the wrong foot to stop, inevitably leaning that direction and not prepared for the board to start moving. Nice rubber tracks on my ankle in return. Oh well. I'm learning to always start on the board from the same direction so that doesn't happen and pay attention to the little blue marks at the edge of the grip as a backup.

  • I've actually been very surprised at how well the pressure pad has worked for me with all types of footwear. In fact there have been plenty times when turning or carving that I feel like I'm mostly toe or heel and barely on the pad and it's not shut down on me.

    Obviously it only takes one time which is why anyone not willing to risk falling forward needs to be really careful and ride very defensively....Even keep it in classic.

    Also a huge thing to realize is that on hills and off road, the board has a much harder time keeping you balanced than on pavement. The board keeps you balanced by rolling the wheel in the direction you are leaning at a speed that is needed to keep the nose from touching down. On flat pavement the board can easily do this up to 13mph. But on a hill or grass, the board cannot speed up as quickly which means if you lean as you would on flat pavement you will probably nose down before the board can keep you balanced. So you have to be extra careful going up hill and off road to give the board extra time to react to you.

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  • I come to a stop and lift my heal off the pad(stand on toes) and wait for the shutdown and drop the tail...

  • @dicorci Hmm... Doesn't the board flip on its side as you jump off ? And catch your ankle with the edge if you try to jump off lightly (so it doesn't flip) and land too close ?

  • whenever i try and jump off toe side it does, which is why i hop back, dismounting heel side

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