Bumbed out.

  • I had three amazing beach rides in the past 24 hours but after the last one my board is not charging and when I plug it in, the app says its overcharged. Also now without it plugged in, there is no power after pressing or holding the power button.

    I think the beach is a killer application for onewheel and it's more fun than any other place I've ridden. Stayed out of the waves but the board did get sandy so I rinsed it off after each ride as others have suggested doing. Not sure if it would be best to wait before plugging it in after rinsing it off until extremely dry?

  • I I plug it in the board lights up but charger led stays green. Hold the power button in and it starts three blinks. I'm guessing that is bad news.

  • Yeah. Happened to me. Thats a mail in situation... Sorry dude. @Franky

  • Time to invest in a second OneWheel so your not without. @Franky After all they sell for the same price used anyway ;)

  • @MichaelW not a bad idea except at this point I'd hate to be working support on two boards.

    FM is openly ambitious in regards to promotional and marketing materials but lacking on how to properly take care of boards ridden in those wet and sandy conditions.

    I'm pretty sure the charging port having stuff in it is what messed up my board. When I plugged it in, I felt a small zap in my fingers and that was that. I know others have purchased plugs and now I really wish I had purchased one.

    I had three great rides on the beach and am satisfied. The most surprising aspect for me is how sad my wife was about it not working. After seeing the overwhelming response from all the people on the beach she said she "liked being married to the coolest guy on the island". I told her it was all over. Haha. I need to put the board out of sight until shipped back. Still have to contact support.

  • Funny thing my wife said today as we were walking down the beach...."i'ts such a bummer that I'd tell you to buy another one if you could have it before our vacation is over."

    @MichaelW, I guess you are on to something!

  • @Franky Today I had almost the same experience. Rose around the beach. Got in the surf some. Took it and washed it off. Rode the battery down to zero, and then when I went to charge it, the Ultracharger stayed green. Started getting four blinks when not plugged in, and a solid blue when plugged in (usually, it blinks once in a while during the charge, I think). App says that I need to make sure it's in the start position before powering up. I am leaving it flat on the ground to push button.

    I never felt a shock when plugging in, and I even blew out the charge port to make sure that no water (or as little as possible) is in there.

    As fun as the beach is, I wouldn't recommend riding there anymore. Too many variables (sand, water, heat, etc) that could mess it up. Bummed out now. Waiting for tech support response to email now.

  • purchase dummy plugs for charging port and drop a piece of tape over the power button port. Kept my boards alive on the beach even in the water :)

  • My board is in for service now.
    I'd ride on the beach again as the amount of surf I went into was minimal. Instead I'd either avoid the rinse off and do a brush off and live with some sand...at least until vacation is over. I've rinsed off many times and ridden in the rain before. In this instance the board was fine after rinse off and only had issues after attempting to charge. I'm assuming a port plug would have made the difference and in the past support has suggested putting duct tape over the charge port and button when riding in messy conditions. Not sure why that slipped my mind.

  • just thinking to buy one... if you have it fully charged... how long can you ride it? and I am in Europe and will be able to be in California in April... after your experiences would you buy one again?
    thanks ! frank

  • @rexmankramer I'm about 225 pounds and a typical ride including some hills has a max of 6 miles for me but I know less weight riders have better range. Would I still buy now after owning for 6-7 months? I can say confidently that if my board were stolen tonight, I'd have my order in tomorrow morning for a new one. There is literally no other electric rideable with the same amount off speed with versatility and handling as you get with ow. I'm not an investor and have no stake....but order now if you can afford it.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Get one of these bad boys:
    http://www.markertek.com/product/ndm/neutrik-ndm-dummyplug-for-male-xlr-receptacles?utm_referrer=direct/not provided&utm_referrer=http://community.rideonewheel.com/topic/490/got-my-plugs/13

    I've been drenched in the rain twice without one (and without a fender) and the board still works fine. But the plug is only 67 cents so its worth it for peace of mind.

  • Had three sessions on the beach yesterday. I'm always rolling with a dummy plug in the charge port. I put duct tape over the power button when I discovered some grinding noises when pushing the button. Hosed it off afterwards to get rid of sand and saltwater.

    It was an epic day on the Onewheel. It really shines on the beach!


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