Warranty on a used board

  • Hey guys. New here and not floating yet but I have some questions. I talked to onewheel and if you’re looking to buy a new board you can call them and give them the serial number and they’ll tell you how much longer the warranty is good for. I found this good to know because I’m debating buying a new board vs. a used one. From what I’ve read, standard warranty from FM is one year but I’ve heard a few people say that it’s two if you’re a founding member or bought a “frontier collective/collection” board. Rumor has it those boards also have priority in repairs. Can anyone confirm these rumors? I’m definitely looking for the XR model and I’ve heard the Bluetooth connection isn’t stable or it keeps disconnecting. I found out that the frontier collective has a different hardware/ firmware number than the newer XR’s out there. What difference would that make? Thanks for any input you have for me and cross your fingers I’ll be floating soon.

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