My wheel is done. Constant low speed pushback

  • This has to be the most depressing day I've had in a long time. My XR is toast, it's almost certainly catastrophic. 2 days ago I had the best ride of my short (24 days) yet beautiful onewheel life.  I was tearing up the dirt trails of Alameda and Bay Farm Island at speed taking wicked lines with total confidence. The next day, I went for another ride and the board had developed a mind of its own. It would go into pushback at 3 to 6 mph on flat smooth pavement, with no headwind, and a full charge, while accelerating very gently.  The board had also comptletely lost its carve ability .  Every time the board would go into super low speed pushback, I could feel the board wanting to lean toeside, (riding goofy).  The board would dive hard into left hand, toe side turns almost overcommitting, when I would try to turn back side, and the board would resist roling towards my heels and hold itself paralel to the ground. As hard as I flexed my toes upward and dug my heels in, the board would stay flat and I would almost slide off the foot pads through the turn.  ( It feels like I'm riding on a cone-shaped tire with the pointy end on my toe side,  it just wants to turn left all day) . Today I gave it a once-over, made sure everything was nice and tight and attempted another ride.  My onewheel exhibited the same horrible behavior.
       I took some videos as I experienced these nightmares.   The footage didn't come out all that well, my angle on the camera was off,  you don't see much board,  but its pretty clear that the board has several major issues.  I can capture more footage should anyone want better video as this problem happens 100% of the time.  ( sorry about the lack of selfie skills)

    First of all,  it's important to keep in mind that nothing happened to the board after my  epic ride in the evening, and the following day.  It sat in its stand the entire time.  I don't do crazy over-the-top drops, or jumps. I dont do beaches, or water. I had a full charge. (not the low battery  pushback ).  I was not going downhill  (not overcurrent pushback). I was accelerating extremely gently( the over acceleration face plant was not the culprit either).  I was not riding uphill.  I wasn't going over 12 or 13 mph,  so speed wasn't the factor.  The wind was blowing lightly, yet I experience pushback at 3 to 5 mph, both with and against the wind.  I rebooted my phone and turned on and off onewheel a few times.  I experimented with 25 psi down to 16 psi.  My tire is properly seated and is not rubbing.  My batts are showing even voltages. The wheel spins freely and evenly when it's off.

    The videos have several interesting points of note.   One of them is that pushback starts much earlier on pavement than offroad. 3 to 5 mph was about the max on pavement before pushback started.   Off roading was a completely different story. The nose would start rising around 10 mph,  but would go away if I reduced my speed. Occasionally I could get up to 16 or 17 mph without pushback offroad, then I would ride the pavement and the nose would rise again.  Another bizarre aspect of my particular ailment is that pushback continues up to 10 seconds after the board has stopped moving.. Sometimes I have to stop and reverse a few feet to get the gyro to disengage and let the nose down.   Also noteworthy was that I could sometimes avoid pushback while off-roading, however the board still had a bias to turn left or toe side.   The board would fight backside turns by not rolling clockwise into the turn. ( again I'm goofy).  As an experiment, I rode backwards. The board responded exactly the same .  (pushback at extremely low speed, over committing to toe side turns, and resisting backside turns, while pushback was reduced significantly off-road).    I think this indicates that the balancing gyroscope got knocked out of alignment and is exerting a counterclockwise rotational force on the board.....that's bad.
       Thoughts?  I'm devastated, I don't know how I lived without a Onewheel before.  I already have separation anxiety. I'm banking that Future Motion will be a virtuous American company and do the right thing. Check out the somewhat redundant videos, share your insight, and pray this doesnt happen to you.

    Cheers, Keep it rolling for me.

  • @hilby hey man. Take what I say with a grain of salt as I don’t have a OW yet but I’ve read and researched as much as I can up to this point. You covered the few questions I had left in your videos like which digital shaping you were using and your weight. I noticed you do have a treaded tire. Did you change that yourself? I'm under the impression changing the tire voids the warranty so before you send it back to FM be sure you switch that back. Other than some serious electronic problems I have one idea. Because you said it won’t turn heel side (goofy rider too) and the pushback starts at such a low speed, I wonder if a bearing is bad on your heel side. I’ve read that a heavier rider (which I wouldn’t say you are), going uphill or against the wind can put a bigger strain on the motor putting the board into that thought “I’ve reached my limit, engage pushback”. A bad bearing wouldn’t roll so well and add a strain to the motors operation causing early engaging of pushback. That’s just my two cents to add to the fact that there is something going on with the brain of the OW. Hopefully FM will take care of this issue without any problems because it definitely sounds more electrical than mechanical. Sorry this was so long but I hope it gave you some insight. Float on brother.

  • The only thing I can think of is very low tire pressure. Like almost flat.

  • @jlk250 that makes sense but why turn one way and not the opposite?

  • Update. Latest wierdness.. Ride 1, thought id do some research to figure out what was going on... The board seemed fine, I tested the neighborhood and decided I was going to hit a trail. At mile 3 I'm hitting pushback for no reason again. I went a little further, pushback got worse and worse . wound up walking home with my board on a leash.
    test two the next day, Pushback instantly in both directions from the mount, found several ways to temporarily pacify, or confuse the gremlin but he would always come back. Ride 3 was instant pushback again,
    I decided I was going to ride anyway. Chris Richardson's sidewalk 180 drill. It was perfect for the push back glitch. The board definitely has to go meet its maker, the problem is as bad as I thought it was. I'm going to require a loaner wheel.

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