Modifying footpad sensor grip tape: Yay, nay?

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    Hi, everyone. Just wanted to run this by anyone with perhaps more engineering insight than me. I did a brief search and couldn't find this topic elsewhere.

    I really like the FlightFender/ FlightShield Pro alternative to the OW fender. However, upon installing the FlightFender a couple weeks ago, I began getting random blink errors and smart phone notifications alerting me to make sure the sensor pad was clear. Loosening up the two screws on the grip tape side seemed to clear the error. The only variance to the instructions I had committed was in covering the divider line with about 5 coats of glow-in-the-dark paint. This built up the thickness over this line by about 1mm-to-1/16", just enough to cause some pressure under the aftermarket fender. So, I scraped off the paint just under the fender and re-tightened the screws. No change in behavior. Then it occurred to me- The grip tape under the fender is probably not activating any sensor directly. It is probably applying enough pressure to flex the plexiglass substrate and just barely activate pressure sensors inches away.

    So, I did the following:
    -Preemptively ordered a new footpad before I even started,
    -Soft powered down the board,
    -Carefully disconnected the footpad from the motherboard per instructions,
    -Traced out the outline of the FlightFender with dry-erase marker,
    -Warmed the grip tape about the trace,
    -Cut out the trace with a razor knife,
    -Heated the grip tape further to peel the waste material without leaving residue,
    -Reinstalled footpad, FlightFender and FlightShield.

    No more errors regardless of screw pressures. I did not observe any conductive materials inlaid in the plastic in the area I cut out.
    Note: I did not cut through the plexiglass.

    What do you think?

  • Update: I've been riding my board with this setup three quarters of a year with no pressure sensor errors. I do test on dismount by lifting my heel in both regular and goofy stances and it seems to work as intended.

  • @E-Wave_I

    Thanks for posting this. I've been having this exact problem. I installed Flight Fins/Fender/Shield when my board was right out of the box, so wasn't sure what was causing my problems.

    I loosened my screws as well, which helped with the 15 blink error code I was getting - but now I just got a footpad sensor warning on my app, saying something to the effect 'your foot left the sensor while riding at 12 mph for more than 1 second, please be careful.'.

    It's more than a little concerning.

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