Shorty Handle for Glider v2.0

  • We launched the Glider v2.0 (handle and wheel bumpers for Onewheel) in July and have received numerous requests for reverse installation options. You asked for it, and we made it happen!

    We've designed a Glider handle that can be installed on the back side of the Onewheel, allowing the wheels to be installed on the front so that you won’t have to ride “backwards” to use the Glider. Due to its shorter length (which is what allows for installation on the back), we’re affectionately calling it the “Shorty Handle."

    The Shorty Handle is available for Onewheel+ and Onewheel+XR only. If you’ve previously ordered a Full Bumper Glider and are interested in the Shorty, shoot us an email at with your name and original order number, and we’ll hook you up with a sweet customer loyalty discount.

    PLEASE NOTE: The Shorty does work a little differently than the Standard handle. It is shorter in length, it sacrifices the freestanding feature, and the Onewheel is heavier to pull with the battery on the handle side. So please make sure you check out before ordering to get all the juicy details about this exciting new addition to our inventory!

    Standard Handle vs. Shorty Handle

  • UPDATE!! The Shorty Handle has quickly become our number one selling product since its release only a few short weeks ago! With a clear customer preference for the Shorty over the Standard handle, we’ve decided to make the Shorty our main Glider handle and rename the Standard Handle to the “Extra Long Handle," making it our alternative handle option.

    What’s the difference between the Shorty Handle and the Extra Long Handle?

    The more versatile Shorty Handle can be installed on either side of the board, allowing the rider to choose the product features that are most important to them. You can install the handle on the back and wheels on the front if you don’t like to ride backwards. OR, you can install the handle on the front and wheels on the back (and ride backwards) if you want the freestanding feature.

    The Extra Long Handle adds an extra inch to the handle’s length, making it easier to use for riders over six feet tall. However, because of its length and the space limitations on the battery side, it only fits the front side of the board and the wheels must be installed on the back, which means the rider needs to ride backwards in order to keep the wheels facing forward. With the Extra Long Handle, you will always benefit from the freestanding feature because the wheels are automatically installed on the heavy battery side.

    You can always pull the Glider like luggage regardless of your handle installation preference, and you can always install the wheels-only bumpers on whichever side you choose.