Onewheel going through water

  • Earlier today, I rode through a puddle and since I'm new to this (Literally got my onewheel 2 days ago) I have no idea if the water damaged my OW. As I dismounted, I noticed water dripping out from under the rails, should I be worried? The puddle was about an inch deep, and after riding through it, the OW worked fine but I've read abt people riding through waves then their onewheels breaking hours later. (I have the XR btw)

  • You should use compressed air and blow it out good. If they see water spots inside they will most likely deny warranty service due to water damage. Several have complained about this, even tho they swear they did not ride through water.

  • Your onewheel is completely fine. I've been through puddles, including saltwater, of all different sizes with all my onewheels and never had any malfunction due to moisture.

    If you ride with a fender I recommend taking that off after any wet rides, dry the edges of the footpads under the fender. Otherwise they will rot.

    The rails contain sealed cables, so no worries there for sure. All the battery cells and PCB boards are further sealed in their compartments for protection.

  • I would give them smelly stinking hell, call and complain every day, if they tried to deny me service because of a few water spots inside. "Water damage is not covered" (words from the manual) does not mean you can't ever let water touch it. What it should mean is you won't be covered if water caused the damage, and they should have to provide an explanation of HOW the water damaged it if they're going to deny service on that basis.

  • @readysetawesome I agree, but they seem to be doing it anyway, if the reports can be believed.

  • @wheelrich It isn't surprising, when I took my first new car in for a problem with the transmission, under warranty, they refused to do anything and cited an aftermarket air intake I had installed. I took it all the way to honda corporate - where someone in a suit in some corporate office continued to feed me the same bull. I can't believe it is legal. Or maybe it isn't and they know they'll get away with it.

  • @readysetawesome Yes, unfortunately, they know most people won't take the time and expense to take it to court.

  • I am going through that exact nigthtmare story, 1 year old OneWheel+ with 150 miles, rode through a puddle ONCE, like 1/2 deep. About 3 months and several rides later the board started to act up, rough ride, then slow speed pushbacks then stuck at 2mph. I reached out to Customer Support, explained the situation, shared videos and logs. They suggested I checked a few connectors, which did not help and I finally sent my board back.
    2 weeks later I get an email informing me that the found some water in the motor and that the motor was shot. They would not cover it under warranty and asked over $500 for the repairs.
    Got to say I am super disappointed with Future Motion, I was expecting that a $1500 board would be at least Water Resistant and that Customer Service be at least fair.

  • Water got into the motor?! That motor is inside the rim. How’d water get in there?
    Did you ever replace the tire?