Code 15 onewheel +

  • I had recently bought a used plus with only 60 miles. Purchased from marketplace, great condition. When I received it fully charged, received the “need space” message. Called the person I bought it from, he said he had not had any issues, as a matter of fact rode it the day before he shipped it. I tried a few things I read online, nothing.....Finally, disconnected front pad and reconnect few times and got things going, but first time once I secured pad back, wouldn’t work. Removed it again and checked all wires nothing damaged, reconnected slowly placed it back and secured it, started working. Didn’t get to ride, got up next morning, once again not working, only message on app and 15 flash code. Deck is in great shape, tape still in good shape, has slipped a small amount, almost to screw hole, but no physical damage. Tried process all over the next morning, know I can’t get it to work like before. Any other things to try or any ideas?

  • If you don’t already know this, make sure you aren’t touching the sensor pad with your fingers when turning it on and that it’s on the ground in the ready to ride position.

  • @Rado - I only learned this myself recently. I guess I never made the mistake before, but for some reason I was placing an index finger on the deck as I powered on with my thumb, then couldn't figure out why the hell my board wouldn't go. And this was after hundreds and hundreds of miles ridden. [shakes head].

  • I thought I may have the first time, then looked it up and read that, but no I have made sure nothing is touching, still no good. The app even shows a shoe representing something on it, but nothing is touching it., like I said I removed the pad and reinstalled it and it worked off and on, know, tried removing and resetting and nothing, just 15 flash code. Thanks for your input, though...

  • @tgarr there was another thread where someone was having a similar issue when he rode his board at different altitudes. Any idea what the difference in altitude was from your place to the sellers? I believe the other guy had issues when he was closer to sea level and he lived at a much higher elevation.

  • @tomfoolery it was from Clovis N.M. to Lex. Ky. Elevation I think is about the same. So I probably not it. He even sent screen shot of last ride and it was the day he shipped it, so it did work like he said. Plus he had said he had no issues. It is very strange that it all of a sudden happens. I had it working after disconnect and tried it by hand to test and it worked, but like I said figured would ride the next morning, turned it on and same thing all over again. I’m hoping FM will get back in a few days if not will call them. Thnx

  • @tgarr Unfortunately, it seems you have a defective sensor. You could try replacing the grip tape or you might just have to buy a new sensor.

  • @Rado that’s what I’m thinking. Going to try later to heat it up and maybe shift it some. I’m thinking it’s slid just enough to cause the problem, if not guess I will buy new pad. Thinking twice about buying xr. Been debating on buy onewheel for more than year, then decided to go used, to see how much I would actually use it, then bump up to new one, but seems like way to many possible issues, and headache to get fixed. Guess we will see. Thanks for your input.

  • Just buy a new sensor pad. Faulty sensors are super dangerous so it's not worth the risk.

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