red vs black inner hub color, Bearings??

  • Hi I just got a second onewheel because sending my previous one for a warranty claim.. but my new one has a red ring around the axle and my old one is black, any feedback on why is that? thanks guys ! Cheers.

    ps{ they are both the " Onewheel + XR "

  • The factory gets wheel bearings from varying sources, and a bad batch of bearings went out at some point last year (my board and several others developed a clicking sound as a result and had to be serviced). I've seen bearings from the factory both black & red, I don't believe there is any difference besides maybe manufacturer, the bearing likely meets the same spec. I ordered replacement bearings of the same spec to have as a backup and they are green.

  • aaaah ok , thanks dude. Was wondering if there are shitty (er) XR'S and new and improved "reliability wise" XR'S.. seeing that color difference makes more sense now. Good knowledge! thanks.

  • Would you list the bearing size/spec? I'd like to order a set without having to pull mine to get size.


  • @readysetawesome when does the "clicking sound" happen?
    Is this a noticable loud sound? Not sure if my board have that too.

  • @RUFR @readysetawesome

    Need to look for the markings on the bearings. The latest I know from Facebook is:
    The 2RS is a better seal than the 2RZ. Go with the SKF 61907-2RS or the NSK equivalent, which a few of the new XR's appear to be shipping with from the factory. I have the 2RZ in my board and I'm sure they will be fine, but the 2RS is the better seal for this application.

    Lots of knock off bearings sold out there... good ones for the OW are in the $50-60 each range. See video below.

    Sean & Bradley's video:

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