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  • So after a long time researching the onewheel and wanting one for even longer, I found a guy that sells them locally. Well, local enough that I’m going to meet up with him for the purchase. The XR is brand new in the box. He’s selling it for what I feel is an amazing price which makes me wonder why. Is there a way to make a + look like an XR? Is there a way to check the authenticity on the spot? Like how can I check that it’s the correct battery? Do I need to dismantle the board or will connecting to the app tell me? Should I download the app and connect to the board to check out the info and what info specifically should I be looking for? Which app is best for this? Any tips for me when I meet this guy for the purchase?

    Thanks in advance.

  • @tomfoolery

    When the app is connected to the board it will state whether it is an OW+ or XR. Could check total voltage on the details page in the app but I don't think it's necessary.

    If you wanted, use your phone to connect to the board instead of his. Could search the S/N also and see if FM has any report of that board being stolen... highly unlikely but couldn't hurt.

  • @skyman88 thanks. What would the voltage read for a + vs. an XR?

  • I dont know about a + but my VR battery voltage reads 54.7 standing still battery% at 50%. When moving fluctuates little up or down.. Good luck on getting your OW VR....

  • @Menowalker-0 @skyman88 I got it!!! So stoked on the deal this guy gave me. It’s legit! I connected it to my phone and everything was spot on!

  • @tomfoolery congrats for your first onewheel. You will love it :)

  • Yesssss That's great !!! Happy you finally got yours. i know that you put a lot of time and effort into getting a good deal and it paid off. Remember take it easy at first...
    Ride on....

  • @Menowalker-0 thanks. I literally jumped on the opportunity and wasn’t prepared. Gotta order my sidekicks and float plates before riding. I want to keep this thing looking as nice as possible. It’s so hard to not just jump on and start floating but I know it will happen especially now that I’m a proud owner of one. Just trying to figure out if I want a color theme or murdered out.

  • @tomfoolery exactly what i was going to tell you, when i got mine i slapped on the float sidekicks and float plates. I see alot of people who don't care and scratch it up on their first first ride. Not me after spending that kind of money im going to at least try to keep it clean. I know its not meant to be babied but i love it like is my baby lol. Oh and don't forget to get some Ndm plugs to protect the charger port. Its bad if a pebble or something gets jammed in there.....

  • @Menowalker-0 already on my list. I’ve also seen covers for the power button. Any input with those? I’m also interested in the fangs. I look at them like training wheels and like training wheels you eventually learn to ride without them but if it helps me from a nosedive just once I feel like they’re worth it. I like the float life fenders but Jon Rambo makes the sickest carbon fiber fenders I’ve ever seen.

  • @tomfoolery im actually waiting on the silicon button cover thing. Yes, im actually debating on fangs to. I think its necessary if you plan on pushing the limits going fast. Nose dive going 16mph + is impossible for me to out run off the board. the last couple days ive been going a little faster and faster. So far ive gotten up to 13 and that to me felt fast. I haven't seen the Rambo Fender thing I'll check it ....

  • @tomfoolery yeah that Rambo fender is really nice. I had to go with the 35 dollar float fender. Maybe later on a high end one. But for now float fender does the job.

  • Heads up on the side kicks: carbon fiber/vinyl wrap is more work (after you learn the process, it can be done in 5 minutes) but are cheaper and have more options. I suppose it's possible the side kicks protect more but unless you damage it enough to change the shape of the rail(is that even possible), you'll just cover it up again. The rolls I order off of amazon will cover my board twice for under 10 bucks so I can change them often.

    So if you want to color theme, more texture or to save money, it may be worth looking into.

  • @Fresh @tomfoolery

    If you plan on riding rough trails the Sidekicks are the way to go. A few bails at 10mph on rocks and you'll be wishing you had them. My OW+ also has a corner of a rail ground down... before Sidekicks were an option. My XR looks mint, other than the foot pads, and my OW+ looks like I learned how to ride on it... I do't mind the scrapes and scratches to be honest but given the choice and cost, I'd highly recommend going with Sidekicks.

    @tomfoolery Congrats on finally buying a OneWheel. Do you practicing on grass and you don't need to worry about Sidekicks yet and once you're comfortable on grass, pavement will feel so much easier. Grass is much more forgiving also when you do bail.... just my 2 cents.

  • @skyman88 All I ride is offroad, no problems in yet. Vinyl tends to be pretty resilient. So far all scratches get fully absorbed. I have no idea what situation would allow the blade to get bent but that would pretty much be the only thing that could get past it. You don't have to change side kicks as often, I'll give you that. But mine looks better ;)

  • @Fresh The latest round of Sidekicks is completely clear... so you could put them over your vinyl and never change it again!

    Chances of changing people's opinions on the internet is like 3%... and 70% of stats are made up on the spot.

  • @skyman88 Yeah, I saw those. Mine still looks better ;) lol but it might be interesting maybe if I put vinyl on the outside of some sidekicks. Can't have my board looking like anyone else's. Where's the originality in that? If I ever get a scratch I may look into that :D

  • @tomfoolery I don't think looking at Fangs like "training wheels" is apt, at all. Under normal circumstances (unless you are using them for tricks or curb nudges) they should not contact the ground, and therefore do not change the ride at all, like training wheels do.

    They are safety equipment to help minimize injury in the event of rider error or board failure (more like an airbag); and I have to tell you I'm less optimistic than I used to be regarding FM's manufacturing quality control on the XR's, due to reports in the OW fora and my buddy's experience.

    On my nosedive (which, to be clear, I believe to have been my fault) I broke my humerus at the ball socket - I lost nearly six months' riding, and my shoulder may never be 100% again; if you are a pavement rider, I'd go with them. I wish I'd had them.

    My buddy who's borrowing my old + while his XR is back at FM (luckily his board failed on him at startup, not in motion) actually told me the Fangs on my board saved him from one nosedive - the nose touched down, the Fangs rolled, and he recovered.

    In his opinion, without the Fangs he'd have at minimum been cooling his heels that evening after landing on his face; instead, he was charging up the board for his second ride of the day.

    That's not "training wheels". That's "fun insurance".

  • @tomfoolery Congrats on officially joining the community!

  • @Glyph I like “fun insurance” way more than “training wheels”. What you said your friend went through with the fangs is really the point I was trying to say I wanted them for. I can see it being a lot easier to hit top speed on asphalt so the use of fangs seem like a worthy addition as I’ll probably be riding mainly on asphalt at first. I’ve never been really into tricks but just cruising.

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