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    If you plan on riding rough trails the Sidekicks are the way to go. A few bails at 10mph on rocks and you'll be wishing you had them. My OW+ also has a corner of a rail ground down... before Sidekicks were an option. My XR looks mint, other than the foot pads, and my OW+ looks like I learned how to ride on it... I do't mind the scrapes and scratches to be honest but given the choice and cost, I'd highly recommend going with Sidekicks.

    @tomfoolery Congrats on finally buying a OneWheel. Do you practicing on grass and you don't need to worry about Sidekicks yet and once you're comfortable on grass, pavement will feel so much easier. Grass is much more forgiving also when you do bail.... just my 2 cents.

  • @skyman88 All I ride is offroad, no problems in yet. Vinyl tends to be pretty resilient. So far all scratches get fully absorbed. I have no idea what situation would allow the blade to get bent but that would pretty much be the only thing that could get past it. You don't have to change side kicks as often, I'll give you that. But mine looks better ;)

  • @Fresh The latest round of Sidekicks is completely clear... so you could put them over your vinyl and never change it again!

    Chances of changing people's opinions on the internet is like 3%... and 70% of stats are made up on the spot.

  • @skyman88 Yeah, I saw those. Mine still looks better ;) lol but it might be interesting maybe if I put vinyl on the outside of some sidekicks. Can't have my board looking like anyone else's. Where's the originality in that? If I ever get a scratch I may look into that :D

  • @tomfoolery I don't think looking at Fangs like "training wheels" is apt, at all. Under normal circumstances (unless you are using them for tricks or curb nudges) they should not contact the ground, and therefore do not change the ride at all, like training wheels do.

    They are safety equipment to help minimize injury in the event of rider error or board failure (more like an airbag); and I have to tell you I'm less optimistic than I used to be regarding FM's manufacturing quality control on the XR's, due to reports in the OW fora and my buddy's experience.

    On my nosedive (which, to be clear, I believe to have been my fault) I broke my humerus at the ball socket - I lost nearly six months' riding, and my shoulder may never be 100% again; if you are a pavement rider, I'd go with them. I wish I'd had them.

    My buddy who's borrowing my old + while his XR is back at FM (luckily his board failed on him at startup, not in motion) actually told me the Fangs on my board saved him from one nosedive - the nose touched down, the Fangs rolled, and he recovered.

    In his opinion, without the Fangs he'd have at minimum been cooling his heels that evening after landing on his face; instead, he was charging up the board for his second ride of the day.

    That's not "training wheels". That's "fun insurance".

  • @tomfoolery Congrats on officially joining the community!

  • @Glyph I like “fun insurance” way more than “training wheels”. What you said your friend went through with the fangs is really the point I was trying to say I wanted them for. I can see it being a lot easier to hit top speed on asphalt so the use of fangs seem like a worthy addition as I’ll probably be riding mainly on asphalt at first. I’ve never been really into tricks but just cruising.

  • @eckit thank you good sir. Now it’s time to get some protection for this. I’m thinking a vinyl wrap (not a fan of the blue) with the new hd clear sidekicks, float plates and most likely the fangs before I start pushing this thing. Not sure if I wanna go for a color or murder it out with the black. I’m kinda lucky I’m recovering from a mild back injury otherwise I’d be riding it and destroying it and kicking myself later for not waiting to protect my investment. All I know is that I have it now and I WILL be riding as soon as I can.

  • @tomfoolery I second the Fangs and congrats and welcome to the OW family.

  • Didn't you guys get the word on Fangs? Now they are "drag wheels" as in drag racing. A few FB videos show them being used to do fast starts. Works something like....start out pushing the nose hard to the ground and go forward rolling on the fangs, then quickly raise the nose and accelerate. Doesn't sound like training wheels to me!

  • @Stay_in_school thanks bud.

  • @wheelrich damnit. I saw the post but didn’t check out the video. Was there a video. And so my journey begins. Lol

  • @tomfoolery This has a review of the "Drag Wheels" and some pretty good videos of how to install and try them.

  • @Stay_in_school that was a great review. My only question from that is if he’s wearing a belt, does he wear suspenders as a backup too? I saw that install video the other day by jimmy chang and I just watched the drag fang slide thing and that tips video on how to help prevent nosedives.

  • @tomfoolery

    Awesome! Happy for you! Lol @ the Drag Wheels.. I did try the drag start once at full battery.. I barely hit the ground with the fangs. I pretty much chickened out. That nose drag he does looks like great practice.

    Since Ive put them on No nose dives. Of course I know the board a little better and have been taking it easy. Well easy for me.. The Flight Fins are amazing as well and I am now hopping little bumps and curbs.. I feel so much more stable off road or over lumps and humps..


  • @JonAmico77 I’m intrigued by the flight fins. Perhaps I’ll get some once I get a little more familiar with the board as I’m afraid they’ll keep me locked in when I need to bail.

  • If you have quick reaction time as you should riding this board in any form, Its as easy as jumping back or spreading your feet a tad as you jump off.. I have not nosed dived with them on yet but I think they will help my feet feet stay stable as I try to ride it out on the fangs... Only time will tell.. But as of now I love them!

    And remember you do not have to tuck your feet in them.. You can ride with a wide stance whenever you like. Rear foot in front out, Vice Versa or neither foot in...

    Cheers and happy Riding!

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