My OneWhee XR is scheduled for delivery on my birthday

  • Super excited, nervous, shitbaked, kind of feeling like my kids when they find their fav candy.

    Bought wrist guard, Knee pads, Elbow pads, and S1 helmet.

    Read a lot of threads here on what to expect for someone who never skateboards, snowboard or any type of board so there will be a learning curve for me but that's what I am looking forward too.

    What other suggestions would you guys give me so I don't break my bones?

  • Don't go any faster than you're willing to hit something

  • Stand next to your kitchen counter and practice forward and reverse while holding on to the counter. Do this for a long time.

    Practice peeling your front foot off the pad as to deactivate the board. I think most accidents happen by trying to stop and get off the board.

  • If you have a really smooth grassy area, that's the best place to start off. Really good for practicing the heel lift dismount as well. Otherwise, as @SkydiveJesus mentions, find a railing or something to steady yourself while practicing. Once you get rolling, start out slow as it's pretty easy to go too fast on these things! I learned THAT from experience, LOL.

  • @SkydiveJesus Absolutely, slow and steady not looking to go crazy with speed. Just want to enjoy floating

  • @SkydiveJesus I was thinking more like in backyard in the grass, so even if I have to fall I can do so easily (As my kitchen is super small)

    Plus I am pretty sure my kids will be around in the house and it may not be the safe and wise place to practice.

  • Ballistic motorcycle jacket with shoulder and elbow pads has made it much safer for me. Of course helmet and wrist guards too. I started in grass, then pavement. Once I got carves down I pushed too hard of carve on loose gravel and had first hard fall. No damage, but surprised how quickly it happened. I’m trying to liiit speed and focus on carves and turns. To me, that’s where the fun is. The risk is that one can get beyond their ability before fully realizing. Hence the jacket!

  • @salvino7 Not a bad idea, but do you think adding motorcycle jack may compromise your balance? I have driven a motorcycle for well over 20 years so I have an understanding of weight distribution.

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