Hoverboard that Hovers

  • I'm sure someone has posted about this already, but I recently came across this board.

    The downsides are many:
    battery lasts for only 6 minutes
    there doesn't appear to be any way to move in various directions
    It takes six hours to recharge (30 minutes if you invest in a 4,500 battery)
    it costs 20k
    has an awkward shape

    But it's a decent step in the right direction.


  • How weird! Seems like a joke. Slightly bigger than a skateboard? Ha! Slightly bigger than 20 skateboards, maybe. And when they started talking about what they were thinking when they designed the shape of the board, I really thought it was a joke. It's a giant rectangle! No thought went into it, clearly. Also looks extremely difficult to balance, and doesn't really go anywhere.

  • That video had me dieing laughing .. The thing looks like a mattress

  • @njcustom really it does. LOL

  • New meaning to the term air mattress.

  • Now that is how you make a painfully corny cliché-ridden promo video. That was actually hard to watch :confounded:

    "Slightly bigger than a skateboard." No.

  • But can you take it on a plane?!?!

  • @forzabucks don't you see man... It IS the plane

  • @braswell Ha Ha Ha..... it so is.

  • Ah yes... Had a discussion about this with my brother the other day. He saw the post discussed on guru 3D.
    The video is completely hilarious. Not only is it completely useless, they try to sell it as the stuff of your dreams.

    There have been a lot of "one man helicopters", from the new "hoverbike", to the old war-experiments from 1950.

    The biggest difference is that this one is probably the first battery driven. And also the first to not feature a handlebar for some reason.
    Oh, and the fact that it has a range of 6 minutes and can only go 30cm high.

    People have built better "hoverboards" with a piece of plywood and a leaf-blower.

    And with all those turbines, I'm not surprised they didn't include original audio.

    So, a "vehicle" that you basically have no control over, costs 20.000$ weighs 82 kg, only takes 110 kg load, needs it own parking spot, has a noise level of over 90dB, "hovers" for 6 minutes and takes 6 hours to charge. Unless you have the docking station handy, but let's be honest... you won't get very far from the dock. Good luck dragging it home when it dies tho.

    And then they say things like: "No obstacle is too high" (unless it's a 30cm curb), "slightly larger than a skateboard" (we bashed this already), that they created it "so that you could achieve your dreams" (if your dream was watching someone rotate on a big floating mattress) and so on.

    This all is not even the funniest thing about it.
    Now go to the youtube video again. Activate closed captions. Go to 2:50. Yep, that's probably right...

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