One Month with the OW

  • Seems a lot longer, but it has been a ton of fun. I think the most surprising thing to be most stoked about is how much I really enjoy my town through the eyes of a OW rider. I have seen parts of my town that I would never really see as a pedestrian, or driver. Also the terrain here is better than I would have originally thought, and I have endless riding options. I even used it to get to some other fishing spots in my neighborhood, and is worked as a stool. I made a fender from PLA in a 3D printer then laid fiber glass over it, but a Rambo fender popped up, and grab that too.
    Not nearly enough OW riders though! Only local guy to me I've met launched his XR into the canal, so not sure if he is up and running yet, so any Gilbert AZ riders hit me up!

  • @freshbread I have the same feeling. I got mine just about a month ago, and it's funny when people ask if it was me they saw. There's like a 99% chance it was me, because I can't get enough of riding around town. That and I'm not sure if there are any others in town with a onewheel.

  • @freshbread out in Cali myself but I just had to say that I’m totally looking into a Rambo fender.

  • Do you use this name on youtube? If so I love your OW videos. Do more!

  • @wheelrich that’s me. I will for sure! Love seeing progression, and re-living the day 😀

  • @freshbread Are you fishing with the Onewheel? I haven't seen anyone else yet that does. It completely changes the way you look at the water and at your possible cast points. It's hands free so you can hop on or off while casting. You can leave your ice chest and tackle box in a central location and forget about them. By the end of the day, you have dropped your line in at least three times as many locations that you would have on foot without the hassle of boat transportation and maintenance :D Plus you get to joy ride around a lake. Why am I not seeing more people doing this?

  • @Fresh right!?! I have been able to hit spots I normally would find accessing a PITA. Pulling down my kayak sometimes is a chore, so I just fetch the magic meatball, toss the Plano box in my pack and go!

  • @freshbread FM didn't realize they built a fishing tool 0_1542302800560_20180322_135816b.jpg

  • @Fresh Hell yeah! Yuengling! I'm from NY/NJ and had my share back in the day

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