Wet leaves and Fender

  • Just north of Boston and there are a ton of leaves everywhere. Rained all day. Figured screw it I'll ride. Was flying along plowing through piles of leaves (which was kind of fun). Didn't think about crap getting caught in the fender. I randomly stopped at a busy intersection and holy mackerel the fender was full of crap (leaves, sand, dirt,sticks). It was totally rubbing against the wheel and fender. I was able to get most out. So just a heads up on this.

    As this said, riding on a wet street was super fun. It didn't slip at all but it definitely had a different feel than riding on dry pavement. I hit some wet gravel/sand and it felt like i was snowboarding in powder (I've never actually been snow boarding, but i imagine it would be like that).

    Ride on!!

  • @jackiemoon

    Are in the Boston Group on FB? Where were you riding?

    A few solutions for you:

    1. The System for attaching your fender so it’s just thumb screws to remove it
    2. Magnetic fender... or add magnets or Velcro to your current one
    3. Float Life fender which uses plastic restraints that are easy to remove

  • @skyman88 ya beat me to every single solution I could think of. 😎

  • A choppy sea of sea green sycamore leaves on the rain soaked trail this afternoon, leaves partly dry, curling, with pointy lobes six inches up to the air like rough little waves β€” you are right, it is great fun to ride through. Instead of a fender, on my lead leg I tape plastic and let it get plastered with the wet maple leaves further in the trail. Every so often I roll backwards dropping a wet clot of leaves to bump over.

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