Creaking sound?

  • Hiya, new Onewheel+XR owner here. So far I’ve mostly been learning to balance and rolling a few feet to and fro. I just wanted to check - is it normal for it to be making a creaking/groaning sound, like an old wooden ship, when starting to roll?

  • @PartyRichter I sure hope so. I just got an XR too and just small back and forth patterns in my house really allows me to hear this sound. I believe it’s normal but we’ll wait to hear from someone who’s had an XR longer.

  • Yup, i got that sound on my first ride too. I noticed that it made that sound sometimes when i take off slowly,. Im now on 38 miles now and now i don't hear as much or i don't think i notice it anymore. Im almost sure its normal as long as the sound is not that severe.

  • Im pretty sure its fine because I have a onewheel + but mine still does that after 172 miles but only whenever I start moving but going slow

  • Pretty sure it's normal. I've had my + for over a year now. I mostly hear it when I'm waiting for a light and touching a sign post for balance, as I rock back and forth, I hear the "creaking" kind of sound. No biggie, I think it's just the motor adjusting to the quick back and forth changes.

  • 100% normal chatter. It never changes, it is intrinsic to the motor design. All Brushless DC motors chatter and depending on conditions it can sound odd or get loud.

  • getting really nerdy, each individual click of the 'creaking' you hear at low speed is one transition of the stator's poles' between fixed magnets. Just like an engine idling super low (imagine a motorcycle) you can hear the individual pops, but when you increase the RPMs they smooth out.

  • Thanks for all the feedback, it put my mind at rest. Really fascinating to hear how the sound relates to the motor mechanics. Cheers!

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