Riding in the Winter

  • I don't own a OW (yet) and I didn't see any other posts about it, so I thought it'd be fun to hear of riders who ride in the winter/snow!

    • How do the various tires compare? (Vega, Burris, and Hoosier)
    • See any decrease in range? How much?
    • Any long-term damage to the battery due to the cold?
    • Worried about water/salt damage?
    • Any issues with stuff cluttering under the fender?
    • Any Must Have's?

    Lots of questions, but also feel free to talk about your experience in general!

  • @zapp

    Vega actually does pretty well but don't expect any tire to turn well on ice.
    Range decreases by 20-40% depends on the board. Also, never leave your board in the cold. Store and charge in a warm environment.
    I've personally never heard of long term battery damage...
    Salt is terrible for everything... so probably best to clean your board on the regular.
    I've had snow packed under the fender but it was never an issue... I also didn't ride a ton last winter.
    There is a water proofing kit from Badger that helps eliminate all the common places/areas water gets into the electronics on the board. A local guy just did his and has been riding in the rain the past two days without any issues... and another local rode his Plus all last winter, stock, without a single issue. So it seems to vary a lot; some boards are truly built like tanks and some only survive a single puddle.

  • @skyman88 I just saw a post about that water proofing thing but no link to where it is or what’s entailed. Any leads?

  • @tomfoolery Here’s the website for Badgerwheels Waterproof Kit


  • @zapp thanks buddy! From the looks of it, the sooner you do this (the cleaner the board) the easier. I’m digging this because it’s all the stuff you need and the quality of the seal is up to you. I don’t live in a very wet area but it’s like the saying goes. It’s better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.

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