• I know there isn't any room as of now, but a chain setup for winter riding could be a cool way to ride on snow and ice without having to change the tire.

  • Maybe possible with large zip ties..

  • What about some kind of skin like skiers use to climb?

  • @Atl1wheelin that's a great idea!!!! Super thin skins....

  • This is super important! Walked the closed Blue Ridge Parkway with like 10" snow Las night with wife and dogs and could not stop drinking whisky hitting my oil pen and dreaming of snowheeling! I'm thinking a tracked version with two 4" tracks side by side underfoot separately and intuitively powered so as to provide the same experience as onewheeling but on snow. Maybe gas powered by Honda fourstroke. I can't see a current battery having the kind of range needed for this application but also don't know crap. Clean quite electric power would obviously be way more enjoyable if possible. I feel like this really needs to happen pronto!

  • It would be like riding a tank board! The challenge is the seemingly infinite orchestra of moving parts needed to pull this off. Onewheel's genius is its singular simplicity of design. Tracks might present a lot more problems than solutions but I still think it's worth a stab. I wish I had robots to make me one!

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