Another nosedive question

  • Great topic. Science/Diagnostic Data preferred - please include. My experience is that Nosedive is a Failure Mode (hey, FM!) -- NOT a Feature. My experience includes 1 ND on 2nd 7mi trip of brand new XR:
    After a day of shredding dirt single-track and cruising pavement, ND1:

    40% battery
    10% uphill grade, straight/flat smooth pavement
    100F motor temp
    No warning, NO pushback (plenty of pushback on the ride, NOT at ND)

    My main reason believing this is FM (Failure Mode) and NOT a feature, is that no warning is given . After working with EV systems for 17 years, I can assure you, that any system capable of protecting itself (feature) is capable of providing a signal of that imminent protection. Such protection (cutout) NEVER need be instantaneous, but may be "ramped", give warning, and reported. OW does none of these.

    FM (Future Motion) could potentially convince me that this is a feature IF:
    it were proven repeatable/reproducible on demand
    it were advertised as a feature in print in the manual / webpage
    it had mitigation / warning (ramp, audible - alarm)
    it were reported to the APP that protection feature (EJECTION) was activated.

    But as far as I can tell , FM is 'mums the word' (please link their statement, if I've missed it).

  • @kvngrn said in Another nosedive question:

    Nosedive #2 today, just got back from ER. Broken collarbone, badly pulled groin muscle, rung my bell pretty good too. Smooth, flat pavement. Thought i was balanced on the edge of pushback- not forcing it. Nosedive came out of nowhere and i'm hugging pavement. Very quick. Glad for helmet, wrist guards and gloves. Maybe lead foot too far fwd? Scratching my (sore) head on this one.

    What's your weight, tire pressure, speed and battery level? These factors all come into play.

  • @bioroller How many miles total do you have on your XR?

  • All get familiar with the 5 golden rules to avoid nose dives:

  • @Glyph Fangs can certainly help to recover from a nosedive! Here's an example...

  • @Stay_in_school Excellent video showing clearly what they're for, why, and how they work - even if you had been thrown, or in the rare event the board had cut out completely due to software or hardware failure, buying the rider any extra time - even additional fractions of a second - in which to react, can only ever help.

  • OW XR, going 10-13 mph, flat street, guess I just fought pushback and the pushback won or I leaned to far forward

  • On the XR, the nosedive risk starts out negligible when the battery is full, and becomes most worrisome when the battery is almost dead. It's highly dependent on the charge level.

    On the V1/Plus, the nosedive risk is more consistent across the discharge curve, but definitely higher overall. If you're serious about not nosediving on one of these, install a Two-X upgrade (

  • @actionbrad

    Are you talking pushback Andromeda or Gemini firmware on the XR? They seemed to have smoothed out pushback on XR which was more drastic than the V1 and Plus.

    @Killer556293 were you pushing with your leg or leaning with your body to keep speed?

    Posting again (again), because it's worth looking at: 5 Rules to Stay Safe

  • @skyman88 I was headed home, got careless and leaned to far forward with my body

  • Thanks for all the feedback, but I would be more interested, if your nosedives occured during straight riding or doing s-turns/carving/slaloming?
    And maybe at what speed approximately?

  • I was going straight, just mounted on and started going 10-12 miles

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