Another nosedive question

  • Hi,

    I would be very glad, if you could post here shortly the riding style you were doing when nosedive happened.
    Was it during Carving/doing s-turns or was it during riding straight Forward?

    Thanks for your help

  • It's very consistent, I've only ever had a nosedive when the following are true:
    A. Board set to "mission" riding mode
    B. I was not fully paying attention and hit a big bump (usually on a slight incline)

  • @owpete I was going straight forward on flat pavement in Mission on my +, not carving, and not going particularly fast yet - I had stopped to let pedestrians cross a crosswalk, and was starting up again from that stop. There was no bump or dip or gravel that I could see (I went back later to look).

    I believe I overaccelerated carelessly; it's also possible my front foot had shifted a little farther forward than it should have been, I was coming to the end of a fast ride. I never noticed any pushback at all, and I had felt pushback at speed before and knew what that felt like.

    I still had plenty of battery (around 40% IIRC); I do not believe the board was shut off after the nosedive, but frankly I do not remember whether I had to turn it on again or not. It happened in an an instant, I never saw it coming nor had any chance to react, and I had broken my arm and was in a lot of pain and trying to figure out how I was going to get myself and my stuff home in the dark alone, so I did not do a good postmortem at the time of the nosedive, which really would have been preferable to totally rule out equipment failure. Still, it's never happened again (yet) so I tend to think I probably screwed up and just got a little leadfooted.

  • Straight, Delerium, slight downhill, XR, 30% charge, 210lbs, no pushback

  • @readysetawesome
    Hi, thanks for your comment. I also would be very interested if you were Carving, doing s-turn or going straight when the Motor shut off and nosedive happend.

  • I've had 3 nosedives:

    • 90 miles - was going maybe 2 mph, low battery < 10%, accelerated too fast and flew off the front. Going perfectly straight. Full gear, but still scraped up my left elbow and knee. Bought some better gear after that.
    • 600 miles - was getting really good at going fast (still < 20 mph). Forgot to reset my high speed, which I usually did so I could get warned way before 20 mph (the app needs a customizable speed alert, but FM hasn't listened). Anyway, high speed warning went off at 21 mph. I panicked, tried to slow down, but shifted the board just a bit forward before trying to lean it back. Went off the front and slid down the road a while. Serious road rash, bruised hip, knuckles scraped up really bad. Had to ride it home another 2 miles all bloody. Again, going perfectly straight.
    • 1200 miles - about to cross a street, barely rolling. Saw a car about 1/2 a block away and decided I could make it so tried to accelerate too quick (similar to my first nosedive). The nose went down, but this time I had the Fangs installed. It rolled for a few inches and I pulled the nose back up and continued on my way. I did, however, have that "freak out" moment where I felt I was going down again. Obviously, a big believer in the Fangs and I even put them on my new XR.

  • @OneDan - I saw someone speculating somewhere that depending on certain factors a nosedive (without Fangs or something similar) at higher speeds on concrete might be more recoverable than one at slower speeds, since at higher speeds your front bumper might slide a little rather than immediately bite fast. My nosedive wasn't particularly fast, but the forward-motion-stop was immediate.

    Anyway, I've got Fangs on both my boards now and while I haven't needed them yet, they saved my buddy from a situation very much like the last one you mention.

  • @Glyph said in Another nosedive question:

    I saw someone speculating somewhere that depending on certain factors a nosedive (without Fangs or something similar) at higher speeds on concrete might be more recoverable than one at slower speeds, since at higher speeds your front bumper might slide a little rather than immediately bite fast.

    Yeah, my high speed nosedive threw me right off, there was no board "skidding", at least that I recall. Pretty much cruising along, then flying through the air, then ME skidding down the road! I think the real problem is that the rider very rarely is expecting or prepared for when this happens, so there really is no time for recovery. Some more agile folks might be able to at least tuck and roll a bit, but I'm not in that category. :)

  • I have had 4 on my XR.. Almost forgot one.

    First one Cruising way too fast on flat asphalt, I made a left on a green light and started heading up a small grade. I guess the motor couldnt handle any more and it nose dived.. I was going strait and maybe 20-21 MPH.. Sudden nose dive and wobble off. Maybe 38-40% battery remaining on Delirium.

    The 2nd and 3rd to me felt no where near full speed (IMO But i havent reset my Top Speed and sometimes dont even start the App), I was going strait or mild carving and boom nose dive. One on a bike path one on flat Asphalt. Both over 40% battery 15 -18 MPH Delirium. Maybe I just really did ignore pushback and was going way to fast for the motor but I felt they were both at under 20mph and on a flat surface. I do like going fast... 50% chance User Error!

    The 4th was me going way too fast again and hitting a bump in the concrete.. Instant speed wobble and nose dive.. This might have been recoverable with the flight fins and more confidence..

    Since then I have installed the Flight Fins and Fangs 2.0.. I use the flight fins all the time to hop speed bumps small curbs and feel more stable off road.. I think they are a great Mod.
    I have not had to use the Fangs yet.. I have been taking it easier and trying not to push it.. Slow downhill, Slow up hill, watch for bumps, Slow over bumps, Charge if under 35%, stay centered and no Hot dogging!!!

    I do suggest helmet, wrist and/or gloves.. Elbow and knee protection wont hurt either.. High top Skate shoes... lol Have Fun!


  • I think some of us may have a hunger for speed that can’t be satisfied by just one wheel...

    And the best way to get there might look kinda like this

  • @readysetawesome $2599.00... Ouch! That board looks nice a super fun but I will learn to slow down on the one wheel.. lol! $1799.00 was crazy to me. 2599?? The Koowheel is more in my electric skateboard price range..

    All my bails were with less than 80 miles on the board.. I think I've learned the limits of the Onewheel.. ;) I will keep trying to stay upright!