Bluetooth lost signal

  • Anyone know if they will fix this signal loss for the app?

  • It’s not the app causing it.

  • I’m being told to send my less-than-a-month-old XR back to the factory for evaluation and repair. Of what, I’m not certain, but suspect the Bluetooth radio.

  • @MotoGPTy someone actually did that. Then they got their board back and claimed there were still connection issues. :/ I told FM that they need to let us know once an ACTUAL solution is found. I’m not going without my board for 2+ weeks just to find out it wasn’t fixed.

  • @eckit oh man. I must’ve missed that they were still having issues. I wonder what they “fixed”.

  • @eckit
    This is what I’m afraid of. I’ve been given instructions to send my board back but am hesitant and it’ll be a few weeks before I’m able to actually do this. I hope to see a success story by the time I am able to ship. I sent them an email today giving them some more info around my disconnection issue. I tried another iPhone over the weekend and got the same results. I hope to get an Android in the next week to test with. I also confirmed that the act of going downhill (possibly tied to regenerative braking) seems to always result in a long duration disconnect.

    I love this board and am having such a blast but I’m really bummed that this feature leaves my routes looking like I’ve straight-lined from point to well as not getting the quality I was expecting after the “investment” I made. I’m hoping they’ll make it right.

  • @MotoGPTy app connection to the board won’t effect your routes. That is based off the device connection to data/GPS.
    App connection to the board records things like estimated range remaining, top speed, wheel slip warnings, speed warnings, and foot lift warnings.
    Distance traveled does not appear to be affected by gps OR board connectivity as there is an odometer on the board itself and the odometer reading will sync the correct distance to the app once the app re establishes connect with the board.
    In the meantime, hopefully you have an Apple Watch. If you do, you can do what I do; put your phone in one of those arm bands made for running. Strap the arm band around your calf. Use your Apple Watch to monitor your board. This has worked for me for the past few months.
    Prior to getting the arm band, I just shoved my iPhone in the neck of my cowboy boot. But you could also shove it in the neck of your sock.
    Good luck!

  • I have an open repair number with FM to send in my new XR for Blue Tooth connectivity problems. Disconnects continuously with phone (iPhone x) in pocket. Didn't send in. Uploaded new firmware and rode for 5-6 miles with no disconnects. In fact was able to walk away about 10 yards before I could get it to disconnect. HOPEFULLY, the BT problem (for me anyway) is solved.

  • I just updated and tested the new firmware for connectivity fix. It didn’t help in my case. The range did seem to increase a little while the board was charging but almost as soon as I started riding, I got the “Reconnecting” message. Bummer.

  • @MotoGPTy same here.

  • @eckit Bummer. I will be sending mine back as soon as I return from Thanksgiving travel.

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