Digital shaping -> what mode?

  • It would be be cool to hear what kind of digital shaping you prefer and why?

    Misson VS. Delerium

  • I think Sequoia is the best all around mode. Honestly, I think I had you for a second :P Mission on road and Delirium off. Mission has this nice floating feeling that I find preferable to delirium but can be a hazard off road, unless it's a nice packed trail. Which do you ride in?

    • "Mission is my favourite, so smooth, like riding on a cloud"

    • "I am Delerium off-road, mission on."

    • "Delirium is way more responsive. Mission is more buttery"

    • "I switched back to Mission after riding Delirium almost exclusively. It's definitely less responsive but more in a smooth way, not a bad way. It feels more cruisey, like you're on a "mission". Delirium is straight up power and responsiveness, in the end, I switched back to Delirium but they both have their merits."

    • "The brakes are much more responsive on Delirium.. that's mostly why I ride in that mode. I should switch to Mission for range when I don't need all the torque though..."

    • "-delirium, more power usage for the maximum responsiveness
      -mission, just as good."

    • "I ride Mission all the time only because I have a + and want the most range"

    • "D for quick acceleration and off road. M for buttery smoothness and cruising on road."

    • "I normally ride delirium all the time (on +). Extra torque but less mileage. Mission is better for flat paved paths and for distance IMO. Mission is fine for me at the paved beach along the paths. I was in mission today around town and it was struggling up hill I wont do that again. Delirium only except for beach runs."

    Various quotes from Facebook post about this question!

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