Home Made?

  • I know we have all been asked if we have made our boards but I normally don't think most people automatically think our board is "home made".

    After riding down the beach in front of thousands of amazed beach goers on Marco Island most didn't stop to ask me questions but for miles straight I could hear people talking to one another to look and question what is that and many times I'd hear kids say look at that hoverboard.

    I'm on Marco with a big family each with their own families and it's been reported back to me conversations they have overheard about the "home made hoverboard". This surprises me since onewheel as demonstrated by me is clearly an amazing feat of mechanics and tech compared to the commercial products considered "hoverboard". Is it that it's a simple metal frame and wood foot pads and not all plastic?

  • I always get asked if I made it.. I really don't understand why so many people ask that question.. A lady the other day said to me "is that one of those 200$ things"? I said yes plus shipping lol

  • I get asked at least 3 times a day... Nope I'm not a genius. lol

  • @Willy I just say if I were the inventor I wouldn't be here right now lol

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