Introducing Gemini

  • Does it have a speed limit setting?

  • How do I set the pushback speed? That's the only part of this new firmware I am eager for.

  • @davidw typed for 5 minutes through the app but have not found any speed limitation yet. so I do not think so.

  • @jlk250 that would have been very cool but haven't found any setting of the pushback

    Edit: pushback is not only dependent on the speed but on several factors.
    would want a% setting for the engine load to alert at x% engine load

  • @AT_onewheeler thank you for checking, sorry to sound boring but the only feature I need is a speed limitation, (this could be easily done by tapering off the acceleration in a curve related to speed) I think also it would maker it more safer for younger riders to re-assure their parents, and for older riders to restrict temptation to showboat beyond their means (me).

  • @davidw that would have been very convenient too. with sound or vibration on the smartphone as soon as x kmh/mph is exceeded

  • @Future-Motion - this is super-cool and I am looking forward to trying it out, but in addition to the speed and pushback customization (or at least, alerts for speed) that others have requested, I think you probably need to implement some Bluetooth security here.

    Otherwise, I'm going to connect to my buddy's board and mess with his settings when he's not paying attention, so that the next time he gets on, he's riding a little shaping combo I like to refer to as "The Dive Bomber".

  • @Future-Motion said in Introducing Gemini:

    Well, that's a bummer. I just got an email that said "Every Onewheel just got BETTER! Introducing Gemini Firmware." So, I tried to do the ones currently in the office (two originals and a plus) and the originals didn't accept it. So I thought "well, soon" and popped in to check the expected date, and found:

    The new Gemini firmware leverages the increased power of the Hypercore motor found in Onewheel+ and Onewheel+ XR so unfortunately this update is not transferable to original Onewheels.

    So, it's not "Every Onewheel just got BETTER!" after all.

  • @Future-Motion Not yet seeing the new OneWheel APP in the APP Store. Guess it's being deployed in stages. I'm only seeing the current version of the application at this time. I'm using an iPhone in the Northeast (USA).

  • @gormaro I was having the same issue, try restarting your phone, then click on the app in the app store. It did not show that there was an update, but after I clicked on the app, it showed there was an update available.

  • Can you give us more detailed information about what's changed instead of: "takes the experience of riding a Onewheel to the next level" and "improvements to overall rideability"?

    Things like:

    • Stronger/earlier pushback when a nose dive is imminent.
    • Instead of giving up and nose diving, your OneWheel will keep trying to stay under you, making for a less violent abort.
    • Etc.

    Or is it really just the addition of custom shaping?

    Sorry, maybe I'm OCD, but I like more detailed information on feature changes.


  • Does it fix the bluetooth disconnecting from the phone problem?

  • @grayforge The onewheel doesn't just "give up" when a nosedive occurs. It accelerates to keep you from falling forward so if you reach it's top speed... that's just the way the cookie crumbles. There's literally nothing more it can do. Nosedives will always be violent. Keep in mind a wide stance will make nosedives occur more easily so riders with wide stances have much more serious issues with nosedives than others. That's a lever effect and it's why the Onewheel has a serious danger of this and not an EUC. Sorry I said the E-word, I hope noone puked. As for earlier pushback, mission leaves a pretty wide gap, just put your feet closer together maybe or put it in delirium and don't push its limits. If you never go over 15, you'll probably never nosedive on pavement bar user error or unless you're going uphill.

    Another thing I keep seeing is people asking for a speed limit. @Davidw the onewheel accelerates to keep you upright, so an actual speed limit is out of the question. Even tapering off would invite nosedives. An audible notification option would indeed be nice, maybe accompanied by snitching to the rider's parents :P At this point, you could bolt an ipod case to the fender, connect and lock the ipod >.>

  • @sk8bomb I sort of hope not, as Fedex picked up my XR yesterday - shipping it to FM for exactly that kind of fix. I cannot keep a connection for dear life - whenever I am moving. Unless I keep my phone in my socks....which...well - sucks!

  • @sk8bomb sadly not (tested) it’s a hardware failure

  • I just had my first ride with the new update, awesome!
    But, when I got home my battery was around 28% so I connect the charger.
    The boards power button starts flashing as it should when charging but the light on the charger is green?
    I open the app and connect and it shows the battery is 0% and not charging at all.
    When I disconnect the charger and turn on my board it shows the battery again so the only way to get it to charge now is to have the board turned on and connected to the app and after that I connect the charger, now it works.
    What if my board can't turn on because of drained battery, then I'm screwed I guess?

  • @Khayman I had your problem once. I thought the board had gotten on and off mixed up somehow so my idea was to leave my board on till inactivity turned it off. That seems to have fixed it. Maybe yours will resolve on its own hopefully.

  • @Fresh i went for a short ride again and then turned it off and put it on the charger again. Everything works as usual again👍🏻

  • Wish I saw this yesterday, it just snowed in Portland, Maine! 😂 I’ll have to wait for the imminent thaw

  • @Fresh I use a wide stance and havent been nose-diving since I started to. The reason is I shift my body towards my back foot. I've felt the OW sort of give out a couple of times and with my weight being always shifted back, the board naturally wants to level. I personally wouldn't go with a narrower stance because in the event of a bail, having a narrow stance gives you less biomechanical stability and balance, and therefore less acrobatic options to successfully emerge from bailing.

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