Introducing Gemini

  • Wish I saw this yesterday, it just snowed in Portland, Maine! 😂 I’ll have to wait for the imminent thaw

  • @Fresh I use a wide stance and havent been nose-diving since I started to. The reason is I shift my body towards my back foot. I've felt the OW sort of give out a couple of times and with my weight being always shifted back, the board naturally wants to level. I personally wouldn't go with a narrower stance because in the event of a bail, having a narrow stance gives you less biomechanical stability and balance, and therefore less acrobatic options to successfully emerge from bailing.

  • Fantastic update, love the added customizable settings. Thanks for delivering. It appears to have fixed a battery gauge bug for me as well... one I’ve been insisting is a software issue for many months.... vindication? Whatever I’m really impressed at the continued iterations of software.

  • @WheeledOne It puts more leverage on the motor. That's all I can tell you. Hang 10 and try to turn backside, hang heel and try to frontside, that's leverage or rather lack thereof. If leverage isn't as obvious as the air we breathe, try a wide stance on janky terrain then pull your font foot in towards the tire and notice how invincible you become. Or try holding your Onewheel close to your body then further away. Which feels heavier. I'm not trying to knock wide stances but this is a reality. For every bump you hit, your weight will be on the front pad. The weight the motor will feel is increased with how far forward your front foot is. Gratz on your deweight ability. Not everyone is that good. I also use a wide stance(a lot of the time) as it gives me more torque for spins but if someone is having trouble with nosedives, one of the first things to look at is stance.

  • @Fresh The onewheel is only half the input to the equation, you're forgetting the rider.

    All else equal a person with a narrow stance is going to be less balanced. Why would you give up a large portion of your balance in return for a small increase in OW efficiency? You do not ever know when an accident will occur, or how. However, when you do bail, the OW isn't going to save you. What will save you is your ability to operate with maximum leverage at the last moments of contact with the board/first moments of contact with the ground. Going with a narrow stance is giving up biomechanical efficiency, what saves you during a bail, for OW efficiency.

  • When are you going to put an speed alarm ??????

    And an alarm to warn motor limit... ?

    Nosedive is a real problem.

    When are you going to consider this seriously ????

  • @WheeledOne Do what makes you feel good but know the difference is literally double when just moving your front foot to the center of the front foot pad. While it doesn't line up directly with speed just know that if it did I could go twice as fast as you when pushing uphill. Also, we don't balance front to back when standing on a onewheel. That's done for us. I also make the same sacrifice you do in that we frequently use the same stance so cheers. I'm out, have fun.

  • @jaime Nosedive hasn't been a problem for me in over 2000 miles of riding, not since I was new and inexperienced. Learn how to stand farther back and stop pushing the board beyond it's limits.

  • @jaime said in Introducing Gemini:

    When are you going to put an speed alarm ??????

    I asked for this over a year ago, right after my first high speed (22 mph) nose dive, as have MANY others on this forum. All I've heard from FM is crickets . . . they really need to listen to their customers better. Right now I'm using the OneWheelWear Wear OS app specifically because it has that feature, a customizable speed alert that vibrates my watch. It's set at 14.5 mph and I rarely hit it, but when I do, I have plenty of headroom to slow down. Way better than some mystic pushback that I'm not even sure I've ever really felt. :)

  • @Fresh I do understand what you're saying about the speed limit and it makes sense, but could they not simply raise the nose high as when you're on very low battery, for me this would be enough. Anyhow your explanation reinforced that anyone who tries to test the top speed, absolutely 100% will end in nose dive as at that point the board has no more acceleration to offer hence self balancing catastrophically compromised. I understand there kick back, but I've never knowingly experienced it. I have nosedived twice and it hurt but there is no blame on the board, both times it was my fault.

  • @davidw I second that; custom pushback would be quite helpful or custom notification at least.

  • @OneDan your board doesn’t ever have push back? all 3 of my boards (+, +, XR) push back noticeably when I hit about 15mph.

  • Having nosedives at speed IMO indicates you might benefit from riding a device with four wheels. I’ll never stop onewheeling but this is not the device to push speed limits with, and it never will be by the nature of its design. It’s a slow-speed vehicle compared to other boards. OTOH 35mph is no problem these days for high end electrified longboards.

  • @readysetawesome said in Introducing Gemini:

    @OneDan your board doesn’t ever have push back? all 3 of my boards (+, +, XR) push back noticeably when I hit about 15mph.

    I'm sure it does, but I've never really felt it. I used to ride up to 20 mph, but after my 22mph nose dive, I keep it below 14 (my watch warns me at 14.5 mph with 5 quick vibrations), so I have no idea if it still does it. :)

  • I’ve played with Gemini since the day it was released.
    All I can say is WOW. It is more revolutionary than introduction of the XR!
    I’d like to see a Gemini manual with practical advices how to reach desired shape using given three sliders.

  • @sk8bomb My iPhone 6+ still only works from a few feet away but yesterday I successfully recorded an entire ride in the OW app. My first complete recording since buying my XR. Maybe it’s just a better App, but I did receive a lot less “lost connection” notifications.

  • @Beetle Got it thanks...I think it took a little while to show up in my iPhone APP Store. Thanks again..

  • Installed the Gemini Firmware looks good. Also put together a little video for anyone interested in seeing what the firmware update looks like;

  • Really hoping this helps with the issue I've been having. Seems about 1/3rd of the time I power my OW+ on, I ride about 5-10 feet and the board power cuts off. If I power cycle it it seems to work ok, but I'm kinda sick of getting thrown off going 3mph part of the time. Worked with Ow support a few months ago and didn't really get anywhere it seems. If this new firmware doesn't help I guess I'll have to send it in for diagnostics...

  • I love this update, thanks for making it!

    An easy way to make it even better: let me have custom shaping (named) presets, and hide the presets I never use (namely cruz, sequoia and elevated); would make swiping through the modes more convenient! Perhaps not a very difficult thing to code either.

    And maybe bring back current amps? It was useful information. I can sort of see why you'd remove individual cell voltages (too many dumb questions about the XR with one fewer cell), but no reason for the current amps to go afaik...

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