Introducing Gemini

  • I love this update, thanks for making it!

    An easy way to make it even better: let me have custom shaping (named) presets, and hide the presets I never use (namely cruz, sequoia and elevated); would make swiping through the modes more convenient! Perhaps not a very difficult thing to code either.

    And maybe bring back current amps? It was useful information. I can sort of see why you'd remove individual cell voltages (too many dumb questions about the XR with one fewer cell), but no reason for the current amps to go afaik...

  • Does anyone know what version of Android is needed to use Onewheel app, please?

    Thank you in advance.

  • As cool as it is to dial in our preferences it still doesn’t fix the Bluetooth connection problem. 😢

  • @Paris They've got the minimum SDK set to 5.0 "lollipop" or better.

  • @wiz Thank you!

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