Custom Shaping! Hell Yeah!

  • Finally you can shape your board just the way you want it!

    Can’t stop riding and constantly adjusting the values. What are your settings?

  • @DaniëlJack I have played with it a little, but I think it would be useful to be able to see the other shaping modes on the scale. That way you would have somewhat of a baseline to start from.

  • That’s a really good point actually. Hope to see FM adress this in an upcoming update.

  • Well, a good step forward. But i want more.
    How about on the fly shifting with voice command.

    If the system knows its present tilt angle why can't they (fm) do on the fly shifting.

    Oh i want open source too.

    Its getting better, but "FM" needs more imagination.

  • My preferred setting right now

  • -4 on carveability.
    0.1 degree tail up
    10 agressiveness.

  • @Beetle agreed. I actually tried delirium for the first time today and I really liked it. I’ve been riding Mission for 2 months since I got the board (160+ miles on it).
    But it certainly makes me wonder what those two presets would look like in custom.

    I have a hypothesis as to why they didn’t include the “custom” values for the presets. I have a feeling those presets aren’t driven by 3 simple sliders,or that they even equate to 3 values at all. Instead I think that each preset raw code that was written from scratch to achieve certain feelings. They may not be able to reverse-engineer them to match the sliding scales 1 for 1.

    But that is just my hunch.

  • -3
    +0.1 Nose up

  • What exactly does carve ability change? I understand aggressiveness to mean how hard the board tries to keep the board level against your pushing down the front or back of the deck. I'm guessing the roll angle accelerometer measures how much side roll you are applying and on which end (front or back) you are applying it and algorithmically decides how much to "fight" back to flat level, differently than normal aggressiveness.

  • @Tarototh Your guess is the same as mine, I believe that's what carveability controls - it determines how much the front/back tilt throttle should be damped or exaggerated when the board rotates onto some strange angles during carving. It is an absolutely amazing feet that they control the "feel" of it so well and it has such an obvious impact.

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