My take on mounting the ShredLights

  • It took a couple of minutes to bore a hole in the plastic and use the short screw. Probably another type of self-boring screw would be better, will see 🤙🏻

    I accidentally found out that they can be mounted on the brackets in two positions - lower gives better light and allows to plug the charger but is more exposed to rough terrain; the brackets can be also mounted with the screw closer to the wheel but I wanted more light.

    5_1542381193661_D318CC31-5F17-44C7-8E70-A8FE11022C0A.jpeg 4_1542381193661_35BA0894-A47E-48D4-BD5D-9B00F2C219AF.jpeg 3_1542381193661_E92E90FE-004F-40EC-8CDC-E06D482E69AA.jpeg 2_1542381193661_2B13B408-0EEF-4EB8-B8AA-2691F5C03A83.jpeg 1_1542381193661_893054B3-1835-471A-A3F8-8B587CED462A.jpeg 0_1542381193660_EF56D3BB-E66B-4915-8A2C-FC25C554CE70.jpeg

  • @roninXpl Right now I have LumeCubes mounted via velcro to my fender. It's OK, but I don't love the way it looks (just a little too "tall") and I'd like the lights a little closer to the ground.

    I've been looking at Shredlights (another site had them mounting to the fender screws), so what you've got here is a possibility, but I may have come up with an easy/cheap/secure way to mount the LumeCubes more where I want them. I'll report back to this thread next week if it works.

  • @Glyph 3D print a simple mount for the side rail for the LumeCube's
    Maybe have a 45deg stud sticking out from the sidereal.. with a whole for the 1/4 20 screw post mount but shaped so it captures the light and avoid it rotating while riding. Mine have taken serious abuse, so not really concerned about outright protecting them

  • @Dansker My buddy's been messing around with something similar, but he hasn't yet hit quite on what I need - his current design would interfere with my handle, and they require a screwdriver to get the lights on and off, which is a hassle to do every time you need to take them off to charge. They also don't put the lights quite as far forward as I'd like.

    I may have found something off the shelf - what drives me crazy is that LumeCubes are camera equipment designed/intended to mount to all kinds of tripod/camera mount setups. There HAS to be some kind of existing flash or camera mount (a clamp or something) out there that would work.

    If what I've found will in fact work, it seems cheap (well, except for the LumeCubes themselves, those ain't cheap), sturdy, stable, easy on/off, and would go on all boards with no modifications except maybe replacing a couple screws with longer ones.

  • @Glyph Didn't quite work. Back to the drawing board.

  • Make a sketch of what you are thinking about. 3D printing is a liberal process.

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